‘Nono Islands’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Nono Islands.

1. Keep a Close Eye Out For Those Dangerous Red Tiles

Nono Islands Tips

Nono Islands gives you the chance to control a male or female explorer who hops across tiles. While performing this action, you’ll have to keep a close eye out for collectible treasure/map pieces and a big treasure chest at the end of an island. While making your way across those safe tiles, make sure you’re aware of the harmful red tiles. Red Tiles usually give you a warning of the danger that comes by hopping onto them. When you spot a red tile, it either indicates that there’s a spike trap nearby, a dart shooter in the area or an enemy that will hop on that tile to kill you.

2. You Can Recover From Wrong Moves If You’re Fast Enough

• There will be instances where your chosen traveler may slip up and fall right into the water. If you’re quick on the draw, you can actually save your character by the skin of their teeth. Once you see them about to take a tumble into the ocean, quickly swipe down numerous times to help return them to their previous tile. This last minute save is an essential move for those players who may rush across their tiles a bit too much.

3. The Basics Behind Continue Tokens

Nono Islands’ checkpoint system works like this – when you start a stage, the game will give you the chance to spend a token to create a checkpoint. If you die on the current level you’re on, you’ll restart at the last level checkpoint you created beforehand. Make sure you do this on the regular when you encounter tough stages. If you happen to complete a stage without setting up a checkpoint but fail the next stage, you’ll have to go all the way back to the level you completed before.

4. Take. Your. Time.

Nono Islands

• Above all else though, you should approach Nono Islands with one thought in mind – be patient and take your time as you hop across every tile on each island’s stage. Sure, each stage may be timed. But it’s still in your best interest to proceed at a manageable pace and plan your next moves accordingly. Hop across a few tiles, check for the red tiles and collectable items that are ahead of you and make your moves when you’re ready to do so. You should always go at a safe pace so you can always collect those key pieces and treasure maps.

5. You Should Always Play Through the 7th Stage, Even If There’s No Real Need To

WriterParty.com notified players that participating in and completing the 7th stage on an island comes with some great bonuses:

Play the seventh stage on each island, even if you don’t have to. You don’t have to set any checkpoints to restart on the seventh stage, and you can get free tokens on the seventh stage. The free token happens only when you beat the stage though. If you collect it and then lose the stage, you won’t earn it. After you collect it and then beat the stage, it will be gone again.