‘Destiny: The Taken King’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Destiny The Taken King

Destiny is definitely a game of acquired tastes. Many players have lambasted its repetitive gameplay and lack of story, while the game’s hardcore fan base can’t get enough of its raids and wealth of add-on content.

Bungie realizes the mistakes its made with “Year One” of Destiny and they’re changing up their approach with the official start of “Year Two.” Destiny: The Taken King is the 3rd major expansion pack for the game and its bringing a host of changes to its many existing systems. Players can expect new character sub-classes, a bigger emphasis on the plot, new weapons, new missions and so much more. Returning players and those who’ve seemingly abandoned Destiny are being targeted for this revised take on this massive FPS.

Here’s everything you need to know about the next Destiny expansion, The Taken King.

1. The Plot of This Expansion Focuses on The Father of Crota & His Lust For Revenge

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Remember that all-powerful deity named Crota? With the help of your fellow Guardians, you put him to rest and cleared out hundreds of Hive enemies in the process. Crota’s father, Oryx, is none too pleased with the fact that you killed his son. The Taken King features him as the main baddie this time around and he’s arriving with a new race in tow – the Taken. Guardians will have to band together to face off with Oryx and his army while also attempting to make their way onto his massive ship – the Dreadnaught.

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The full offering of additions coming with this expansion pack includes:

– The Dreadnaught PvE area

– New missions on Mars’ moon Phobos

– A new Raid: “King’s Fall” (this Raid will become playable on September 18, 2015)

– Three new Strikes & changes to three “Year One” strikes that will now include the Taken

– Seven new Crucible maps

– New PvP modes: Rift (Destiny’s take on Capture-The Flag) & Mayhem (a variation of the mode called “Clash”; the cooldown times for everyone’s abilities will be vastly decreased)

– Sub-Classes with new abilities for all three Guardian classes

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PS3 and PS4 players will once again get access to a whole bunch of exclusive content. Hit up this link to learn about which additional weapons, armor, maps and more will be coming your way.

2. All Three Character Classes Will Receive Sub-Classes and New Abilities

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Each class of Guardian (the Hunter, Titan and Warlock) will be blessed with new sub-classes. These sub-classes come with a new ability that acts primarily as super moves. Check out the descriptions below on each new sub-class and its new associated power:

– The Hunter sub-class is a Void-based class called the Nightstalker. This sub-class comes with the “Shadowshot” bow weapon, which causes enemies to get tied together in order to keep them from accessing their abilities

– The Titan sub-class is one that takes advantage of solar-based powers. The “Sunbreaker” class comes with the “Hammer of Sol,” a flaming hammer that can be used at close and long-range

– The Warlock sub-class is the arc power focused “Stormcaller.” This sub-class comes with an ability called “Stormtrance,” a powerful lightning strike attack that can be chained between multiple enemies when activated

3. A Wealth of Refinements to Longtime Problems are Arriving

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Bungie, the development team behind Destiny, realizes that there were some major issues within “Year One” of its newest franchise. With that in mind, they have set out to fix all the current issues within the game through a major update that may have some fans returning to its galactic shooter. The Taken King will be a much better experience than past expansions of Destiny due to these many changes. Even for those who won’t hop into this new expansion, you can expect to see Destiny’s newest improvements as well.

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Check out the list below to find out what refined elements will be applied to Destiny for “Year Two”:

– Renowned video game voice actor Nolan North will now take over the vocal duties for your loyal Ghost companion

– The level cap will be raised to 40. The Light leveling system is being abandoned past level 20 and now you’ll gain extra levels primarily through gaining experience. The current Light level experience of players will still be applied to the next update, plus a new stat focused on Light will focus on a player’s overall strength and gear

– Every weapon has been balanced, the Cryptarch will provide players with much better rewards based on the new engrams you supply him, new main plot missions will have better storytelling and easier progression tracking and players can carry more than one bounty and turn them in without returning to the bounty giver

– You’ll no longer have to deal with getting weapons and gear that you already have. Now you’ll have a much better chance of getting tons of new loot instead

– The Crucible PvP modes have improved matchmaking, a mercy rule that ends matches early due to misbalanced sides and the heavy/special ammo drops within the Crucible have been retooled to be easier to utilize

These are just a few of the major changes coming to Destiny near the release of The Taken King. Check out the following link to learn more about the other gameplay changes that will make your Destiny experience all the more better real soon.

4. The Legendary Edition of This Expansion Comes With Everything Released Within Destiny Thus Far

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A retail version of this expansion pack comes with the full game, the 1st two expansion packs and the full suite of content for The Taken King. With the Legendary Edition, you’ll get an extra pre-order bonus in the form of an early access weapons pack. You’ll receive a Vanguard-themed Auto Rifle, Pulse Rifle and Side Arm. The trailer posted above will provide you with more info on the pre-order bonuses that arrive with the Legendary Edition.

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Destiny fans who have already acquired the physical version of the game and downloaded both expansions can also choose to buy The Taken King as a standalone DLC pack. For players who will or will not acquire The Taken King expansion, you can all expect to download a 60 GB large mandatory update. This update will go into effect across the Xbox One and PS4 on September 8, 2015. Check out Bungie’s September 3, 2015 blog entry, which details Destiny’s 2.0 update.

Buy the Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition here.

Buy the Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition here.

5. A Limited Edition PS4 Bundle Will Come With The Retail Version of The Expansion

Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle

Future PS4 owners or present PS4 owners who have the extra dough to collect new custom consoles can look forward to the product pictured above. This Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle will come with the following items:

– 500 GB PlayStation 4 System
– 1 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
– AC Power Cable
– HDMI Cable
– USB 2.0 Cable
– Mono Wired Headset
– A physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition
– A digital voucher for Destiny: The Taken King Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade

Buy the 500GB PlayStation 4 Console – Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition Bundle here.

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