‘Pocket Platoons’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Pocket Platoons.

1. Earn Powerful Units Through Repeatable Battles

Pocket Platoons

• You can earn powerful units by completing repeatable elite-mode battles. These insane difficulty conflicts become available after completing the fifth skirmish of every campaign, and reward players with draft order (or blueprint) pages. Collect and combine all of the pages to draft special units to add to your army. Repeat this process to swell your ranks with powerful units.

2. Scope Out Enemy Defenses

Pocket Platoons

• You can and should check out your enemies during battle. To see the stats on any enemy unit, just tap and hold that unit when you’re on the battle screen. You can inspect each unit’s power, accuracy, defense, special abilities, and more. This knowledge can help you select targets during combat. For example, you can target low-defense units with weak attacks, gang up on high-defense targets to wear them down, and avoid using low-health units to fire on enemies with counterattack abilities!

3. Turn Order Matters

Pocket Platoons

• Those little yellow diamonds next to each unit’s name on the battle screen define their turn order. Pay close attention to that number for every unit on the battlefield—both yours and those that belong to the enemy. This way you can concentrate fire on enemies with high-damage attacks and potentially take them out before they get a chance to fire on your units. Alternatively, you can kill low-health units before enemy medics get a chance to heal them.

4. Manage Base Troops Wisely

Pocket Platoons

• You can only deploy troops on the battlefield that are visible in your base camp. If you run out of room for new units, you can either build more fields to hold the new units, or you can discharge some units to free up space. If you discharge units to your inventory, you can save them for later use. To reactivate these saved units, simply deploy them again from your inventory when you have enough fields on your base to hold them. If you don’t need a unit at all anymore, however, you can discharge it completely, and you’ll recoup some resources in the process.

5. Tanks Block Line of Sight

Pocket Platoons

• All tanks act as obstacles, so units placed behind them will have cover from enemy direct fire weapons. Deploy tanks on the front lines to protect units behind them. Beware of indirect, area-effect attacks like mortars, however, because not only can these attacks bypass cover, they also deal damage to surrounding units. So, if you bunch up your infantry units directly behind your tanks, you’re just lining them up for the enemy to blow over with a big explosion.