‘Until Dawn’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The horror movie genre has its fair share of grown inducing, B-movie quality flicks. But for some of us, they’re enjoyable thanks to several factors – a ridiculous premise, dumb teenagers who are easily killed and unintentional humor.

On August 25, 2015, PS4 gamers will get to act out those very same horror film tropes in Until Dawn. This unique adventure game will trust you to make difficult choices as you try to keep a group of scared individuals alive. Judging from the gameplay trailers we’ve seen, it looks like your choices play a huge part in who gets to escape the serial killer’s wrath…and who will meet a most unfortunate fate.

Here’s every important fact there is to know about PS4’s summer exclusive, Until Dawn.

1. Until Dawn Was Originally Slated to Be Released on The PS3 With Motion Controls

Until Dawn

Video game development team Supermassive Games are the brains behind Until Dawn. This Sony Computer Entertainment supported studio is most known for producing 1st-party titles for PlayStation platforms. Some of the games produced under their watch includes the PS Move title Walking With Dinosaurs, the HD PS3 version of the original Killzone and Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.

Supermassive Games’ latest game was originally meant to be released on the PS3 back in 2014. Matter of fact, it was developed to be a PS Move entirely. But back in August 2014, Until Dawn was reintroduced to the gaming public as an exclusive title to be released on the PS4.

2. The “Butterfly Effect” is The Game’s Most Impactful Mechanic Regarding The Plot

Until Dawn is primarily designed to be an adventure game that’s similar in vein to past titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Although the main campaign can be completed in nine hours or less, the game’s high replay value will keep gamers invested as they seek out different instances during their playthroughs.

One of the main features that pushes this type of gameplay to the forefront is the “Butterfly Effect.” Any choice that a player makes has an important effect on the overall plot. These choices will be incredibly difficult to make and, as expected, will cause surprising circumstances to transpire later on. Characters will either live or die when it comes to the choices you make each time you play. It is possible for players to go through the entire game to the end with all the main characters alive or dead.

3. The Story Revolves Around a Group of Young Men and Women as They Try to Avoid Being Murdered By a Serial Killer

A fellow group of young men and women make their way up to a log cabin retreat – Sam, Mike, Josh, Ashley, Chris, Matt, Emily and Jessica. Their visit to their cabin vacation happens to fall on the anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of two twin sisters – Beth and Hannah. The aforementioned group are forced to fight for their lives as the growing threat of a serial killer fiercely stalks them.

During this whole terrifying ordeal, a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Hill can be seen interviewing someone unknown at a separate location. It’s pretty safe to say that both instances are tied to each other somehow.

You can refer to the list below to see which actors are behind the voices of each character:

– Sam (Hayden Panettiere)
– Mike (Brett Dalton)
– Josh (Rami Maelk)
– Ashley (Galadriel Stineman)
– Chris (Noah Fleiss)
– Matt (Jordan Fisher)
– Emily (Nichole Bloom)
– Jessica (Meaghan Martin)
– Beth and Hannah (Ella Lentini)
– Dr. Hill (Peter Stormare)

The story comes straight from writers/directors Larry Fessenden & Graham Reznick.

Get Until Dawn here.

4. The Game Employs a Mechanic That Will Keep Players From Trying to Rectify Past Mistakes

Since Supermassive Games knows the habits of gamers, they’ve included a feature in Until Dawn that will force players to stick to their final decisions. The game will employ a very strict auto-save system, which has been put in place to keep players from trying to reload a previous save file. So even though you may regret a decision you made that cost someone their life, this mechanic will push you to play out the rest of your story afterwards. Thankfully, you’ll be able to replay the game from the very beginning and make different choices in order to see multiple outcomes and endings.

5. An Additional Playable Chapter Comes With The Game’s Pre-Order

Until Dawn PS4

As a special pre-order bonus for those who choose to pick up the game from Amazon, they’ll all receive a download token for an extra bonus chapter. This additional piece of playable story content will focus on Emily and Matt as they encounter a new threat out in the snowy cold. And this time, they’ll be accompanied by a whole new couple. Once again, players will be tasked to play out their most dangerous predicaments and do everything in their power to keep them safe from certain doom.

Get Until Dawn here.

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I have a question. At the beginning of the game, when hannah runs after beth in the forest(or is it the other way around) and they are haging on that cliff, what would have happened if the girl had grabbed the guys hand?


I was pretty upset when it was revealed that the game was reslated as a PS4 exclusive. My PS2 had given up the ghost and I finally saved up money to get a new system. I decided that there were more games for the PS3 that I like and that the PS4 wouldn’t be backwards compatible, so I went with the PS3 primarily because this game, which I had been looking forward to for a long time, was announced as an upcoming PS3 game. A month after I bought the PS3 this game was announced to be PS4 only. :/ I hate it when systems do that.


Why worry with someone else. Not everyone has money to spend on gaming systems everytime one comes out. So grow up and stop trying to feel like a bad ass trying to belittle someone behind a computer.


Why would you buy a system that is being phased out? Not to mention this game has been announced as PS4 only for a while now… It’s not like this is new news.

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