‘Alien Robot Monsters (A.R.M.)’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Alien Robot Monsters (A.R.M).

1. Bottleneck Tower Placements are The Way to Go

Alien Robot Monsters

• Create bottlenecks so multiple towers can simultaneously attack each enemy unit. This means you’ll want to keep two towers or more within range of each other so that your enemies get caught in their crossfire. For your military Depot towers, you should always save some scrap to put an extra marine on it, supply them with grenades or increase their attack range.

2. Send Out Your Marines Onto the Field When You Have Enough Scrap to Do So

• Deployable troopers are a great way to create effective bottlenecks. Putting them on the battlefield as they’re close to nearby towers or other marines gives you the extra firepower to kill enemies and trap them in your pathway. When you have enough scrap, tap on your Depot tower to spawn then. You’ll have to add an extra marine to your Depot tower before this upgrade becomes available, though.


Alien Robot Monsters

• Save scrap by carefully moving marines between two positions. That way, your marines will be spaced out enough to cover enough ground to kill incoming enemies. You can save the scrap you’d need to keep spawning marines just by keeping your moving marines unit alive. Increase their close-up attack power to increase their chances of surviving. Spend a few upgrade star points on the “Salvage Headquarters” stat to increase your starting stock of scrap. Do the same with “Field Recovery,” which helps you break down robots much faster and awards you even more scrap.

4. Figure Out Your Tower Alignments Before You Go Too Crazy With Upgrades

Alien Robot Monsters

• Try to establish a basic tower setup before starting to invest in upgrades. Upgrade your Marines, Technology and Headquarters on an even basis. At the start of your campaign, you’ll only have enough stars to really strengthen your Marines and Headquarters stats.

5. Don’t Forget to Read Up on Your Towers and Enemies

Alien Robot Monsters

• Learn about your enemies and your very own towers in Planetopedia! You can access it via the Pause menu during battle (the two line icon in the middle top right section of your screen). You can also select it from the mission select screen. Kraftix Games made sure to include lots of hints for players. While you’re in the middle of a stage, tap on the enemy icons when you see an info update on your screen. When you’re ready to place a tower or unit on the field, you should also keep an eye out for any updates for them as well. Once a tower’s placed down, click on it again to either check out its additional attacks or dismantle it.

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