‘Lara Croft GO’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Lara Croft GO.

1. Above All Else, Take Your Time and Watch Your Step

Lara Croft GO

• Think before you move. You can usually predict your enemies behavior and use it to your advantage. It’s best to get a full survey of the area so you can size up who you need to dodge and what you ned to collect. This is a turn-based puzzle game after all, so your enemies move up a space when Lara does. Most of the stage elements (switches, for instance) require you to be nearby to use them simply by tapping on them. By the way, there are tons of callbacks to the Tomb Raider franchise like Lara’s classic handstand.

2. Be Cautious When It’s Time to Confront Lizard Men and Snakes

Lara Croft GO

• Think before you move. You can usually predict your enemies behavior and use it to your advantage. For the big lizard dudes, they set their sights and future motions on you when Lara’s two tiles away from any of ’em. It’s best to deal with them by letting them follow you onto and into traps. For example, walk over a weak floor and then allow the lizard man to walk onto it next. That way, they’ll be the one to fall through the cracks. As for the snakes, you’ll need to off them with your guns by either being on the side of them or behind them. Never step in front of them. They stay in one place at all times, so catching them from a distance with a spear is a viable option.

3. And Steer Clear of Those Huge Spiders

Lara Croft GO

• Those super large spiders tend to follow a set pathway once you enter a level. Stay in tune with their moving patterns at all times. There will be instances where you can pull a lever and make sure you send a spider to another platform destination so that its no longer in Lara’s path. Some of these spiders come in handy for aiding you when it comes to solving puzzles that involve pressure sensitive tiles.

4. Use Weak Floors That Are Close to Cracking to Your Advantage; Utilize Traps, Too

• Weak floors collapse and that can be a good thing! Take advantage of this when being pursued to create the perfect trap. What can kill you will also kill your enemies. What may first look like a deadly obstacle, such as moving blades, may end up being a helpful tool for completing the stage. Make sure you don’t land on weak floors twice since they lead to certain death. If there’s a level underneath a cracked floor, you’ll fall through with a safe landing and be saved from certain doom.

5. The Spear is Your Best Friend

Lara Croft GO

• Quickly get spears but make sure to hit the right target! The closest enemy isn’t always the best one to kill. You’ll know your target is ready to get planted with a spear once they have a white glow around them. Spears result in one hit kills, so use them wisely. Make sure your target is on the same level as you and they’re not behind any environmental objects. Spears are also great for hitting levers or activating traps from a distance.

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