‘LEGO Dimensions’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

We never thought we’d see the day where characters from the DC Comics universe, Scooby-Doo and Back to The Future all end up in the same.

LEGO Dimensions is breaking down franchise boundaries and doing just that. Like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, this new foray into the world of toys and video games is full of familiar characters. You’ll get to take control of several LEGO-themed character and vehicles, which will be transported into the game’s many worlds via the Toy Pad. The list of collectibles tied to LEGO Dimensions is massive, so there’s going to be a ton of new faces and vehicles to play with.

There’s a lot of info regarding LEGO’s foray into the world of toys coming to life in video game form. Here’s everything you need to know about LEGO Dimensions.

1. A Mashup of Several Franchises Will Be Mixed Into LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions’ main plot is the vehicle used to transport a ton of recognizable characters into its world. Your main adversary will be Lord Vortech, an evil being who intends to rule the multiverse by discovering the Foundational Elements. In order to fulfill his diabolical plan, Lord Vortech opens the links to many worlds.

In the process, he recruits an army of villains to aid him on his mission. His actions disrupt the boundaries that existed between each world, which explains the fusion of each one and its many characters. Your starting cast of Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle are put to the task of helping other characters and bringing an end to Lord Vortech’s master plan.

Here’s a listing of the announced franchises that will pop in LEGO Dimensions thus far:

– DC Comics
The Lord of the Rings
The LEGO Movie
The Wizard of Oz
The Simpsons
LEGO Ninjago
Doctor Who
Back to The Future
Portal 2
– Midway Arcade
LEGO Chima
Jurassic World
– Midway Games

2. Players Will Utilize Their Real Toys and Vehicles to Impact The Game World

Once you get the Starter Pack bundle of LEGO Dimensions, you’ll get to hop into the stages of any franchise included within it. 14 levels will be included, with each one having four separate sub-areas for players to explore. Like many of the past LEGO games based on popular franchises and their characters, you can expect to run around in 3D environments while solving puzzles and collecting tons of LEGO studs.

On the vehicle front, the game will give players instructions on how to assemble them. Each physical vehicle you’ll get can be fixed into three different formations. The Toy Pad can be used to transport whatever characters and custom cars/planes/submarines you have in your arsenal.

3. The Starter Pack Will Transport You Into The Game’s Initial Adventures

The Starter Pack of the game is what you’ll need to enter its world. The full suite of collectibles you’ll get with this pack can be seen below:

– a physical copy of the LEGO Dimensions video game
– the LEGO Toy Pad
– a set of LEGO bricks, which are needed to build the LEGO Gateway
– an instruction booklet, which gives you directions on how to build the LEGO Gateway
– a Batman figurine
– a Gandalf figurine
– a Wyldstyle figurine
– the Batmobile vehicle

Buy the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack here.

4. Additional Level and Team Packs Will Be Released in The Coming Months

LEGO Dimensions

The Level Packs contain an entirely new world with new missions, one new character, one new vehicle and a new weapon. As for the Team Packs, they include two new characters, one new vehicle and one new weapon. Here’s a few of the Level and Team Packs you’ll be able to obtain real soon:

Level Packs

Back to The Future: Comes with Marty McFly, the DeLorean Time Machine, a Hoverboard & “A Hill Valley Time Travel Adventure” level

Doctor Who: Comes with the 12th Doctor Who, TARDIA, K-9 & “An Adventure in Space and Time” level

The Simpsons: Comes with Homer Simpson, Homer’s Car, the Taunt-o-Vision & “A Springfield Adventure” level

Portal 2: Comes with Chell, the Companion Cube, a Sentry Turret & “A Portal 2 Adventure” level

Ghostbusters: Comes with Peter Venkman, Ecto-1, a Ghost Trap & “A Spook Central Adventure” level

– Midway Arcade: Comes with a Gamer Kid, an Arcade Machine, the G-6155 Spy Hunter & access to over 20 classic Midway arcade games for play within LEGO Dimensions

Team Packs

LEGO Ninjago: Comes with Kai, Cole, a Blade Bike & a Boulder Bomber

Jurassic World: Comes with Owen Grady, an ACU, a Velociraptor & a Gyrosphere

Scooby-Doo: Comes with Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, the Mystery Machine & a Scooby Snack

– DC Comics: Comes with The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Joker’s Copter & the Quinn-Mobile

Buy your favorite LEGO Dimensions Level Packs here.

Buy your favorite LEGO Dimensions Team Packs here.

5. New Fun Packs Are Also on The Horizon

LEGO Dimensions

Fun Packs are packaged with one new character and a new weapon or vehicle. Check out which Fun Packs you’ll be adding to your LEGO Dimensions collection real soon:

LEGO Ninjago

– Zane Fun Pack: Comes with Zane & a Ninjacopter
– Nya Fun Pack: Comes with Nya & a Samurai Mech
– Jay Fun Pack: Comes with Jay & a Stormfighter
– Sensei Wu Fun Pack: Comes with Sensei Wu & a Flying White Dragon
– Lloyd Fun Pack: Comes with Lloyd & Lloyd’s Golden Dragon

The LEGO Movie

– Emmet Fun Pack: Comes with Emmet & Emmet’s Excavator
– Unikitty Fun Pack: Comes with Unikitty & the Cloud Cuckoo Car
– Benny Fun Pack: Comes with Benny & Benny’s Spaceship
– Bad Cop Fun Pack: Comes with Bad Cop & a Police Car

The Lord of Rings

– Legolas Fun Pack: Comes with Legolas & an Arrow Launcher
– Gollum Fun Pack: Comes with Gollum & Shelob The Great
– Gimli Fun Pack: Comes with Gimli & an Axe Chariot

DC Comics

– Wonder Woman Fun Pack: Comes with Wonder Woman & her Invisible Jet
– Cyborg Fun Pack: Comes with Cyborg & his Cyber-Guard
– Aquaman Fun Pack: Comes with Aquaman & his Aqua Submarine
– Superman Fun Pack: Comes with Superman & a Hover Pod
– Bane Fun Pack: Comes with Bane & his Drill Tank

The Wizard of Oz

– Wicked Witch Fun Pack: Comes with the Wicket Witch & a Winged Monkey

LEGO Chima

– Laval Fun Pack: Comes with Laval & a Mighty Lion Rider
– Cragger Fun Pack: Comes with Cragger & a Swamp Skimmer
– Eris Fun Pack: Comes with Eris & an Eagle Interceptor

The Simpsons

– Bart Simpson Fun Pack: Comes with Bart Simpson & a Gravity Sprinter
– Krusty The Clown Fun Pack: Comes with Krusty The Clown & his Clown Bike

Back to The Future

– Doc Brown Fun Pack: Comes with Dock Brown & a Traveling Time Train

Doctor Who

– Cyberman Fun Pack: Comes with a Cyberman & a Dalek


– Slimer Fun Pack: Comes with Slimer & a Slime Shooter
– Stay Puft Fun Pack: Comes with Stay Puft & a Terror Dog

Buy your favorite LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs here.

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