‘Moon Tower Attack’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Moon Tower Attack.

1. Always Upgrade Your Weapons First

Moon Tower Attack

• Upgrade the weapons your currently own first instead of getting distracted by new ones. It will save you money and deal more damage to the enemy in the long run.

2. Place Weapons Intelligently

Moon Tower Attack

• Always place weapons where they can be of maximum use. Make sure that the enemy’s path is within range!

3. Place Weapons in Line

Moon Tower Attack

• In open path levels (where enemies take the shortest path), place weapons in lines so that enemies have to cover the maximum possible distance.

4. Place Strong Weapons in the Center

Moon Tower Attack

• Placing strong weapons in the center will pay off in a big way. Air units generally come toward the center and can only be taken down by your strongest weapons. Placing them close to the center will also allow their extensive range to work in your benefit.

5. Surround Flame Throwers and Poisonous Gases With Weapons

Moon Tower Attack

• Flame throwers and poisonous gases can affect the power of incoming enemies and slow them down significantly. If you surround flame throwers and poisonous gases with weapons, it will be that much easier to take down sluggish enemies.

6. Spend Your Gems Wisely

Moon Tower Attack

• Gems are the game’s premium currency and are used to activate special weapons. Make sure you don’t waste them…and better yet, snatch them up whenever you have the chance!

7. The Basics Behind Special Weapons

Moon Tower Attack

• Special weapons are devastating, which is why they command a heavy price. Don’t deploy your most powerful weapons unless you really have to.

8. Master Ground and Special Weapons to Make it Through Expert Mode Levels

Moon Tower Attack

• As expected, Expert Mode levels are extremely challenging. To get through them, you’ll need to master ways of effectively combining ground and special weapons.

9. Sell Useless Weapons

Moon Tower Attack

• You can sell useless weapons (especially in the last wave) to add some much-needed dollars to your inventory.

10. Banshee & Nuke

Moon Tower Attack

• Don’t deploy Banshee and Nuke on one or two enemies. Use these behemoths to target huge waves – and let those devastating weapons do all the hard work :)

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