‘Puzzle & Glory’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Puzzle & Glory.

1. Mimic Gems Can Set Up Huge Combos

Puzzle and Glory

Puzzle & Glory has six color gems, corresponding to the color strengths of heroes and monsters. The 7th gem, the Mimic gem, is unique: it takes on the strongest color against the current enemy when it’s matched. By combining three or more Mimic gems next to gem(s) of that same color, you can create super-combos of 4, 5, or more to deal massive damage and blast entire portions of the board at once.

2. Tank in The Front, Healer in The Back

Puzzle and Glory

• You have total control over which heroes you bring to battle – going for massive damage, or for incredible synergy among skills? It’s up to you! Forget to bring a tough-enough team, though, and you’re going to get yourself killed. Position a Healer in the back with a skill that restores health to your front hero, and then use a Tank (a character with increased health) to soak up damage while you match your way through battles.

3. Don’t Forget – Potions Give a Boost on Challenging Paths

Puzzle and Glory

• The challenge level of a path within an adventure is shown at its start — the more skulls, the more deadly the enemies will be. If you have a team of heroes who aren’t quite at max level and ready to rock, you can supplement your team with health and revive potions to blast your way through. Harder paths give more event points, and that means bigger rewards faster!

4. Adventures Have a Color – Bring a Matching Team

Puzzle and Glory

• Sure, you’ve got your go-to force of awesome heroes, but if they aren’t ready to face whatever particular brand of monster is in a dungeon, it’ll take longer and be much riskier. Heroes that have strength in the adventure color deal an extra 75-percent damage on those gem matches, and can make use of the powerful Mimic gems to tear through even the toughest baddies! Color-matching heroes are even more powerful than heroes of the next rarity up. Also note that in PVP, each hero will have their own strength and weakness, so pay careful attention to the enemy’s team before you decide who to bring to battle.

5. Special Gems Persist From Battle to Battle in Adventures

Puzzle and Glory

• In an adventure, on each path, your heroes’ special gems (combat, armor, doom, blast, etc.) will stay on the board from battle to battle. You can accumulate more and more buffs for your heroes as you battle, stacking the bonuses until nothing can stand in your way. Countdown gems will also stick around, leading to a sweet trick: you can end a battle with only 1 turn left on the clock for a powerful Doom or Blast gem, and then walk into the next fight with a nasty enemy, where that gem will explode immediately!

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