‘Smashy Road: Wanted’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Smashy Road: Wanted.

1. Raise Your Score By Causing More Mayhem

Smashy Road Wanted

• Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto? Then you’ve probably hopped in a ride and caused all types of damage to the city by smashing everything that’s nailed (and not nailed) down. That’s the same way you should proceed in Smashy Road: Wanted. Go crazy and run over fences and other cars, plus you should attempt to go at full speed and smash into cars (this makes them explode). Sure, you’ll attract more authority automobiles. But hey, that’s the point of this mobile racer! Have at it and tear down the open road and anything on it.

2. More Stars = Heavier Opposition

Smashy Road Wanted

• The number of stars you see on top of your screen equates to the type and number of opposition that will chase you down. One star = a few cop cars on your tail. Two stars = several cars look to take you down. Three stars = police vans will begin to join the chase, plus road blocks start to get set up. And finally, four stars = huge military vans join the crusade against your rampage. Be careful cause these guys can disable your ride in just one hit.

3. Don’t Just Stay in One Area When You’re on The Move

Smashy Road Wanted

• The world of Smashy Road: Wanted features a city or a desert to explore in. As you drive like a maniac, make sure to give yourself a better chance of surviving by traveling to different areas. Try and go from the city to the desert and vice versa during any of your stage runs. You may discover a construction yard here and there, which can aid you by letting you dodge and stay hidden behind its obstacles.

4. Here’s How You Can Earn Cash and Earn New Rides

Smashy Road Wanted

• Of course, you can cop some greenbacks just by collecting them on the road. When you eventually go down, make sure you always watch the video advertisements to earn some free coins. You can usually earn up to 20 coins per video. Those videos eventually stop playing and your free coin limit will stop at a value of 200. Just by starting the game, you’ll be gifted with 100 bucks. The random gifted cars you can get range from Common to Rare to Legendary. Some of the cars you’ll unlock have cool bonus stats, such as giving you the ability to earning 5x more cash.

5. Trap Your Chasers in Between Tight Spaces If You Can

TouchTapPlay.com let players know that a good way to ditch the fuzz is simply by locking them in between the tight spaces within buildings:

If the heat is too much for you to handle, duck out of harm’s way! On the city map, there are pockets of big buildings condensed in tight spaces. This leaves room for only tight alleyways. If you can maneuver in and out of these alleyways, you’ll be guaranteed a swift getaway. Just be careful not to get stuck yourself!