‘Super Mario Maker’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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We've enjoyed Mario's company ever since his iconic run in Super Mario Bros. The proceeding years since this major game was released have been very kind to the mushroom munching, Goomba busting plumber. For those who really want to show their dedication to Shigeru Miyamoto's creation, Super Mario Maker will allow you to craft their own playable courses. If you've always felt like you'd be great at testing Mario's skills in tougher stages, then this game will let you live out your dream. There's additional characters to play with, four different game template styles, the ability to share your custom courses and traditional challenge modes. This screenshot gallery gives you some insight into Super Mario Maker's creation suite and the type of stages you could possibly produce on your own. To get some extra info on this major 2015 Wii U release, pay a visit to this new facts post. Buy Super Mario Maker here. Check out Michael Nabi's final impressions of this side-scrolling world builder.