‘Super Mario Maker’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Super Mario Maker

The past few years have given rise to the types of games that let you feed into your creative ideas. Titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Project Spark and ModNation Racers have given gamers the tools to craft their own playable experiences.

Nintendo has most certainly taken note of this trend. It’s pretty easy to see since the house that Mario built has created their own custom game creation suite. Super Mario Maker allows stage producing amateurs and professionals to make their own side-scrolling stages. Now you’ll get the chance to become your own Shigeru Miyamoto and create the type of magic he’s known for. This upcoming Wii U release is one of the bigger launches for 2015.

To get fully prepared for Super Mario Maker, we have all the detailed facts you need to know about its upcoming Wii U launch.

1. Super Mario Maker is The Ultimate Mario Course Creation Tool

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Super Mario Maker places a set of creation tools in your hands via the Wii U GamePad. Come September 11, 2015, fans of Shigeru Miyamoto’s iconic little plumber will be able to create their own playable courses. You’ll hop into the game and get the chance to mix and match several enemies, platforms, power ups and so much more in your own stages.

You’ll also get to delve deeper into your stage creations’ background mechanics, such as enemy behavior (stacking enemies on top of each other may sound far fetched, but it looks much better than it sounds once you enable it in this game). You can even go crazy and allow your enemies to munch on Mario’s mushrooms to super size themselves or gain wings!

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After spending at least five minutes putting together a new course, the game will gradually unlock new usable stage elements. One of the cooler mechanics of Super Mario Maker is the Sound Frog, a feature that allows you to tinker around with the visual/audio effects of certain course sections. You can even go farther by splicing in your own recorded voice messages into a created course. The video posted above shows how the custom audio effects work.

2. Your Created Courses Can Feature Elements From One of Four Main Mario Series Entries

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The themes behind the levels you can create are based on four separate games in the Mario series – Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. With the touch of a button, you can see how your current course looks in any of the four styles of each game. You can even include elements from specific games in the titles that didn’t have them before. This means certain enemies that weren’t present in the original Super Mario Bros. can be thrown in on your behalf.

3. Players Can Share Their Playable Course Creations Online

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Course World will bring your stage creations online and share them with the ever growing Super Mario Maker community. This mode also lets you download any stages from other participating players. If you happen to enjoy a certain course creator’s content, you can stay up to speed on their newest stage uploads just by following them. Your total stage upload limit may be low at first, but constantly playing the game eventually lets you upload more stages over time.

4. The Booklet That Comes With The Final Release is Massive

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For such a complex game, Nintendo has chosen to include something awesome with the retail copy of Super Mario Maker – an actual color booklet! To make matters even more grand, this booklet will come in at a whopping 100 pages. This extensive game guide will point players in the right direction by offering up gameplay tips and a basic guideline on the many ideas you can incorporate into your courses. You can check out the digital version of the game’s huge idea book right here.

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5. The Amiibo Functionality With Super Mario Maker Makes Mario Bigger & Lets You Play With Different Characters

Super Mario Maker Amiibo

Amiibo collectors have probably amassed a fine collection of Nintendo figurines since they hit the game/toy marketplace. Like many of the big N’s recent game releases, Super Mario Maker will be compatible with several Amiibo figures. Both 30th Anniversary Mario’s (Classic & Modern) will make the lil’ guy grow to gigantic proportions when placed upon your Wii U GamePad.

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The list we’ve placed below gives you an overview of the game’s other playable characters. You can obtain and play with these Nintendo icons by using their Amiibo figurines (you can transform into each character via the Mystery Mushroom, plus you can unlock them by beating the 100 Mario Challenge Mode):

– Bowser (Super Smash Bros. & Super Mario version)
– Bowser Jr.
– Captain Falcon
– Charizard
– Chibi-Robo
– Cyrus
– Dark Pit
– Diddy Kong
– Digby
– Donkey Kong
– Dr. Mario
– Duck Hunt
– Falco
– Fox
– Ganondorf
– Green Yarn Yoshi
– Greninja
– Ike
– Inkling Boy
– Inkling Girl
– Inkling Squid
– Isabelle
– Jigglypuff
– K.K.
– King Dedede
– Kirby
– Light Blue Yarn Yoshi
– Link
– Little Mac
– Lottie
– Lucario
– Lucina
– Luigi (Super Smash Bros. & Super Mario version)
– Mabel
– Mario (Super Smash Bros. & Super Mario version, plus the Gold & Silver editions)
– Marth
– Mega Man
– Meta Knight
– Mr. Game & Watch
– Ness
– Olimar
– Pac-Man
– Palutena
– Peach (Super Smash Bros. & Super Mario version)
– Pikachu
– Pink Yarn Yoshi
– Pit
– Reese
– R.O.B.
– Robin
– Rosalina
– Samus
– Sheik
– Shulk
– Sonic
– Toad
– Tom Nook
– Toon Link
– Villager
– Wario
– Wii Fit Trainer
– Yoshi (Super Smash Bros. & Super Mario version)
– Zelda
– Zero Suit Samus

Note that these additional characters can only be used within the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. theme.

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