‘Spelldom’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Spelldom.

1. Extend Shorter Words Into Longer Words!


• Some objectives require you to play over twenty words before taking the Castle. That’s a lot of words! Instead of playing long words all at once, try breaking them into shorter words. Don’t just play FADE. Play FA, FAD, and FADE. Instead of FANGS, start with FA, then FAN, then FANG, and finally FANGS. This technique is also useful to quickly extinguish fire, delay a Blue Fire burn, or just rack up a bunch of points! For those of you who are interested, FA is the fourth note of a major scale (do re mi FA sol la ti do).

2. Upgrade Your Portal to Unlock Spells!


• As you rise through the ranks, you’ll attack tougher towns with more epic defenses. As you upgrade your Portal to higher levels, you’ll unlock more Spells to help conquer these difficult opponents. The x2 Multiplier Spell gives you double the points for your words, which will help you tear through Point Medallions and Master’s Flags. The Safety Cloud Spell allows you to safely move over a single square on the board, regardless of what defense is there. Finally, the Blank Tile Spell allows you to turn one tile in your rack into a blank tile.

3. If You Catch on Fire, Try hitting a Blizzard to Cool-Off!


• Fire Cauldrons make players nervous, and rightfully so! If you hit one, you’ll have to make four plays before your tiles burn off of the board. There’s a secret way to deal with these pesky defenses, though. Hit a Blizzard! The fire and ice effects will instantly cancel each other without your tiles ever freezing. This is a great way to quickly take out multiple defenses.

4. Complete an Entire Achievement Tier to Unlock Trophies!


• Completing achievements is a great way to get gems, but finishing an entire tier of achievements yields an even cooler reward: a trophy to display prominently in your town! You can earn a unique trophy for each achievement tier, which will surely intimidate potential attackers!

5. Build a Daily Game Streak For Lots of Gems!


• You can win gems in the Daily Game once per day. The first day you play it, you’ll find a defenseless town with a few gems scattered around to collect. Spell words on top of the gems to collect them. If you play again the next day, there will be even more gems. By the 10th day, there will be 50 gems available to collect! Remember to play everyday or your streak will reset.