‘Yoshi’s Woolly World’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Yoshi's Woolly World

Remember Kirby’s Epic Yarn? That past Wii platformer welcomed gamers into a platforming adventure that was purely designed to look like a knitted world.

Nintendo has tapped game development studio Good-Feel to adopt that same visual theme for Yoshi’s newest game. Wii U owners will now get to play with multicolored Yoshi’s across several yarn and cloth constructed stages. Fans of past games that allowed them to play with Yoshi in the lead role have a lot to look forward to on October 16, 2015.

Here’s a complete preview of everything there is to know about the next big Wii U release, Yoshi’s Wooly World.

1. Yoshi and His Friends Have to Save Their World From An Evil Wizard

A huge group of Yarn Yoshi’s exist within a cheerful world. An evil wizard named Kamek enters their home and almost transforms them all into nothing but useless bundles of yarn. The ones that he does manage to target with his evil spell have their yarn remnants scattered to random locations. Only two Yoshi’s have dodged Kamek’s spell, so they take it upon themselves to take the evil wizard down and bring their fellow Yoshi’s to their original forms.

2. The Entire Aesthetic of This Platformer Revolves Around a Cloth and Yarn Theme

The visual flair seen here can be compared to the yarn theme implemented in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. This should come as no surprise since game development studio Good-Feel produced that previous Wii title. Each level relies on a certain theme (such as lush green forests or fiery caverns) and has them appear as if they were knitted by hand with yarn and cloth.

Yoshi's Woolly World Amiibo

This art design even applies to the way Yoshi handles certain actions. For example, Yoshi can produce balls of yarn that can be thrown at enemies, tie up enemies and fill in assorted platforms/objects in the environment. Yoshi can also transform into different vehicles, such as an umbrella or motorbike.

3. The Gameplay Features Elements of The Yoshi’s Island Games

Elements of Yoshi’s Island make an appearance here. For instance, the iconic smiling flowers and mystery clouds from past games can be spotted throughout each stage. Mario’s pet dinosaur still retains several parts of his past moveset, such as its cute flutter jump and the ability to use its tongue to swallow enemies.

Two players can tackle each stage in co-op mode, which can be tackled in either Classic Mode or the much easier Mellow Mode. Mellow Mode eases up the difficulty by gifting a player’s Yoshi with a pair of wings that allows them to fly all the way through any level. If you’re looking to produce some cool co-op moments, you can swallow your partner and spit them out to more inaccessible areas. Of course, players can tackle the game completely by themselves if they’d like.

4. Multicolored Yarn Yoshi Amiibo’s Are Up For Grabs

Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

Nintendo made sure to put out some physical collectibles for those who adore Yoshi’s new yarn look. In Japan and the UK, three colored Yarn Yoshi Amiibo figures were released in Green, Pink and Blue. You can scan any of these multicolored Yarn Yoshi’s into the game and activate an ability called “Double Yoshi,” which creates a 2nd Yoshi that aids you during your single-player stage progress. You can also save your preferred Yarn Yoshi pattern to one of the three Amiibo’s and apply it to your “Double Yoshi” partner or use it during co-op.

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5. There’s a Cool Implementation For Your Amiibo Figurines

Yoshi’s Woolly World will make good use of your massive Amiibo collection. By scanning the appropriately compatible figurine, you can change the appearance of your playable Yarn Yoshi to mimic the look of Nintendo icons such as Mario, Donkey Kong and more. The video seen above shows off every outfit that comes from scanning in each and every Amiibo collectible.

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