‘Eternal Arena’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Eternal Arena. The game is also available on Android platforms!

1. Head to the Tavern…A Lot

Eternal Arena

• Early on, you will want to experiment with different heroes to get a feel for the game. The Tavern is where you can summon heroes to build up your lineup. When you summon a duplicate hero, you will receive Soul Essence, which can be used to increase the number of stars that a hero has.

2. The Blacksmith is Your Friend

Eternal Arena

• It’s best to focus on your equipment first and foremost, as this is where most of your stats come from. The Blacksmith is where you can draw rare weapons, helmets, and armor. Each time you draw, you will also receive an Epic Fragment. Collect 14, and you can redeem an Epic item of your choice!

3. Diversify Your Heroes!

Eternal Arena

• Bring the right heroes for the right job. A balanced team may be great for Story mode, but in the Arena and in Duel, toughness and hitting power count for the most. For Trial mode, you will need a Support hero to go the distance.

4. Complete Daily Activities

Eternal Arena

• Every day, you will have the opportunity to complete a variety of activities to earn rewards. Most of these can be found in the Portal, Guild, and Duel menus. Completing dailies is a simple way to maximize your earnings and prizes, so don’t forget to check in!

5. Boots and Accessories

Eternal Arena

• Boots and accessories are the most difficult types of equipment to obtain. The best places to find them are in the Duel, Wanted, and Guild exchanges.

6. Know Your Runes

Eternal Arena

• Runes are a great way to make your team more competitive. Stat boosts are always a safe bet, but some runes are specialized for Arena and other game modes. Runes can be obtained from Rune War. Use the refresh function to optimize your rewards; 3 Runes Shards or a new rune are ideal.

7. Join a Guild

Eternal Arena

• Join a Guild to gain access to exclusive game modes. Complete rescue missions and fight against ferocious beasts alongside your Guildmates to earn contribution points. These points can then be used to redeem prizes from the Guild exchange.

8. No Need For Autoplay

Eternal Arena

• Although it is tempting to just sit back and let the Autoplay do the work for you, you will win faster and more often if you play yourself!

9. Use Invocation to Earn Soul Stones

Eternal Arena

• Invocation is a great way to earn Soul Stones, which increase the number of stars that your heroes have. In order to conduct Invocation, you must form a party with your friends, summon a giant monster, and defeat it together.

10. Go Goblin Hunting

Eternal Arena

• Twice a day, from 11AM to 2PM EST and 5PM to 8PM EST, you can hunt Goblins to earn bonus stamina for free! Be sure not miss out on this precious resource!

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