‘Heroes Reborn: Enigma’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Heroes Reborn: Enigma.

1. Look For Tape That the Scientists Placed in The Room

Heroes Reborn Enigma

• It might give you a hint on what to do. The scientists have placed tape around the testing chamber to help subjects know where to step, where to throw objects and what areas to avoid.

2. Make Sure You Look in Both Time Periods For a Solution

Heroes Reborn Enigma

• It’s always best to explore both the Present and the Future of each level and search for access to new areas or helpful objects.

3. Use Orange Boxes to Block Lasers

Heroes Reborn Enigma

• The lasers are deadly and will destroy most objects. However, the orange boxes are made of special material that is immune to the lasers. Use the boxes wisely to open up new paths

4. The Solution Might Be to Use a Different Combination of Your Powers

Heroes Reborn Enigma

• Often it will take more than just one of your powers to overcome a challenge. You’ll often have to figure out when it’s just the right moment to slow time after throwing an object before switching to the other time period!

5. Use The Other Time Period to Track The Guard’s Movement and Stay Out of Their Line of Sight

Heroes Reborn Enigma

• You’re able to see where the Guards are in the Past while you’re in the Present. Use this ability to study their patterns and avoid their line of sight. If they spot you, the test ends immediately and you’ll have to start again from the last checkpoint.