‘Mabinogi Duel’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Mabinogi Duel.

1. Complete The Stories!

Mabinogi Duel

• By completing the scenarios with Mabinogi Duel’s main character Remiel and his team, you can easily learn about different cards, basic strategies and rules. Also, after clearing one chapter (10 stories), you’ll be able to select one out of the two cards given as rewards.

2. Earn From The Shop

Mabinogi Duel

• You’ll be given daily check-in rewards when logging into the game. These include gold, and when making consecutive check-ins, you’ll be rewarded with gems or cards. Visit the shop to buy cards with gold or gems. With your gold, you’ll be able to buy Single Gold Boosters, and with gems, you’ll be able to buy Season Card Boosters and Mutant Card Boosters. If you’re the lucky owner of a Pre Release Booster Coupon, you’ll be able to purchase the Pre Release Booster using gems and the coupon. Don’t forget to purchase the Starter Pack for beginners. You’ll be able to choose from two Starter Packs – Starter Pack A Dark Ambition and Starter Pack B Alliance of Light.

3. Clear Missions

Mabinogi Duel

Today’s Mission – a game mode in which you duel with an AI using your deck. When clearing Beginner’s missions and Daily missions, you’ll be rewarded with gold, gems and cards (Advanced). Draft Mission: a game mode in which you’ll be given 12 types of cards will be given at random to include in your deck to clear the mission.

• By using the [hold] button at the ends of the rows and columns, you’ll be able to get the cards you’ll need to use in units of 10. For the cards that could not be selected through the [Hold] button, use the [Get the card again] button, and you’ll be able to get different cards at random for free up to three times. To use the [Get the card again] button more than three times, you’ll have to pay a certain amount of gold. Only one through three properties can be used to compose your deck, and for more than three properties, you’ll have to discard the overflow to progress. You’ll be able to earn gold, gems and cards (Advanced) as rewards, so don’t forget to clear these missions every day!

4. Trade Cards

Mabinogi Duel

Soul Link – Soul Link is Mabinogi Duel’s very own unique system that allows you to trade cards with nearby players. You can also participate in Friendly Duels and Master Class Duels through the Soul Link function as well. For fair trading, you won’t be able to trade cards that have a high difference in value.

Cat Merchant – You’ll also be able to trade cards with the Cat Merchant, who’ll make frequent visits. You’ll also be able to earn Mutant cards and Rare cards, as well as cards high in gold value. It seems that this may differ according to the lines that the Cat Merchant says to you – check this out for yourself.

5. Create Decks!

Mabinogi Duel

• You can make one deck out of 12 cards, and will be able to use up to three kinds of resources. The maximum number of deck compositions will differ according to the player’s rank. The Auto mode will allow you to make fast and easy composition, and even when creating your own deck manually, you’ll be given recommendations on the cards you own with the cards within your deck. After creating your deck, you’ll be able to share them or create screenshots by clicking on the code, so bragging about your decked out deck is easy as pie.

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