‘Rise of The Tomb Raider’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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2013’s Tomb Raider reboot was a pleasant surprise. Crystal Dynamics reintroduced gamers to the world’s most popular globe trotter in a game that explained her strenuous origins.

For 2015, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 has gotten 1st dibs on Lara’s next trek – Rise of The Tomb Raider. Lara has to rely on her survival skills and penchant for discovering ancient secrets in order to find herself. All the while, Lara has to fend off the threat of the shadow organization Trinity. Come November 10, 2015, Xbox console owners will delve into Lara’s next struggle as she enters Siberia.

It’s time to embark on another adventure in Lara Croft’s coming of age prequel, Rise of The Tomb Raider.

1. The Game’s Story Takes Lara Croft to Siberia This Time Around

Rise of the Tomb Raider – “Make Your Mark” Launch TrailerLearn more about what drives Lara Croft to the ends of the earth to find the secret of immortality. The journey begins November 10, 2015. #tombraider Available now. Learn more: xbox.com/en-US/games/rise-of-the-tomb-raider/buy-now2015-10-30T13:00:00Z

Anyone who’s played through the reboot of Tomb Raider knows that the younger rendition of Lara Croft went through hell and back. After being stranded on a mysterious island, she was forced to grow into a tough young woman and combat the natural (and supernatural) threats that threatened her existence. For her next adventure, Lara sets out to discover the truth behind several global myths.

Lara will venture to Siberia in hopes of discovering the ancient city of Kitezh, which is hidden somewhere in Siberia. She has to contend with a shadowy organization named Trinity, who not only covered up the events of Lara’s last adventure but also seek out the truths behind immortality. These truths just happen to have some connection to the aforementioned ancient city. Lara has to fend off Trinity and also seek out the many secrets lurking within Siberia.

2. Lara’s Survival Skills Will Come Into Play Once Again, Plus Her Tomb Raiding Skills Will Be Even More Apparent

Rise of the Tomb Raider – E3 Gameplay RevealRISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER E3 GAMEPLAY TRAILER. XBOX EXCLUSIVE | HOLIDAY 2015. Witness Lara Croft begin the journey to becoming the Tomb Raider and discover the legend within. Learn more at xbox.com2015-06-15T18:13:32Z

Lara’s new surroundings will feature environments with all types of hazards that will test her mettle – Trinity organization members, wild animals and even the harsh weather itself. Like the mechanics featured in 2013’s Tomb Raider, Lara will be able to craft new gear and upgrade her abilities over time. Creative Director Noah Hughes spoke to Examiner.com about what’s being added to this upcoming sequel:

There are some great additions to the game that enhance Lara’s ability to use her ingenuity and survival skills to her advantage. There are over 15 resources in the game that can be used to upgrade weapons and gear, heal, create special ammo and outfits, and improvise explosives and grenades in combat. Some resources are rarer than others, so in order to scavenge, hunt, and gather most successfully, the player will have to pay attention to the wildlife and ecosystems and be resourceful.

3. Rise of The Tomb Raider is A Timed Exclusive Release For The Xbox One and Xbox 360

Rise of the Tomb Raider – "Descent Into Legend"The secrets of history are hidden in hostile environments. Lara must survive in the wild, then discover and explore deadly tombs filled with traps and puzzles in her search for the Lost City of Kitezh. Learn more at xbox.com2015-09-21T16:00:02Z

For 2015, Rise of The Tomb Raider currently stands as a timed exclusive release for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Square Enix has gone on to confirm that the game will launch on PC gaming platforms in the early months of 2016. As for the PS4 edition, owners of Sony’s console can look forward to getting the game around the 2016 Holiday season. It’s not known if the sequel to Rise of The Tomb Raider will follow the timed exclusive route once again. However, Square Enix did let it slip that that sequel is now in development.

4. The Game Has Microtransaction Elements, Which Focuses on The Use of Expedition Cards; The Multiplayer is Non-Traditional in a Sense

Woman Vs Wild Episode 2: Guerilla CombatIn the second episode of Woman Vs. Wild, we examine the guerilla combat options available to Lara to help her survive the uncompromising wilderness of Siberia. Harsh environments and deadly predators aren’t the only challenges Lara will face on her journey to find the Lost City of Kitezh. Trinity forces have occupied the region, and…2015-10-29T22:20:01Z

Rise of The Tomb Raider is bringing with it a new mechanic called Expedition Cards. By completing challenges throughout the game and completing other activities, players can earn credits that can be used towards these cards. Expedition Cards can be used as gameplay modifiers outside of the main single player campaign. There will be two types of these cards: Common and Foil.

Common Expedition Cards can only be used once and require more credits to repurchase. Foil Expedition Cards are some of the strongest and weirdest modifiers, which also have unlimited uses. Players can purchase these cards with real world money if they choose to do so.

Woman Vs Wild Episode 1: Harsh EnvironmentsOur new video series dives deep into the gameplay mechanics central to Lara Croft’s journey of destiny and discovery. In the first episode, “Harsh Environments”, we explore how Lara utilizes all-new skills to survive in hostile landscapes filled with dangerous wildlife, allies, and enemies.2015-10-29T22:20:17Z

The competitive multiplayer component from 2013’s Tomb Raider won’t be making its return here. However, Rise of The Tomb Raider will feature several modes that includes elements of player leaderboards. You can compare your score with players in the game’s Score Attack, a mode where you can replay stages and chain together all types of action to raise your score multiplier.

Remnant Resistance is a mode where you take on custom missions in hub areas. These hub areas allow you to use Expedition Cards and throws certain objectives and enemies your way. Once you’ve completed a custom mission, you can challenge your online buddies to do the same. And finally, Chapter Replay acts as the game’s New Game Plus mode.

5. Pre-Ordering The Game Will Grant You Access to “Hope’s Bastion Pack” DLC

Rise of The Tomb Raider

If you do decide to pre-order Rise of The Tomb Raider, you’ll get access to the DLC bonus package known as the “Hope’s Bastion Pack.” Check out the official description below of all the downloadable items that comes with this booster pack:

– Hope’s Bastion Outfit: Lara is outfitted in ancient Byzantine Era chainmail, armor, and tough leather she has gathered from hidden tombs. This outfit also gives Lara more powerful charged shots with the bow.

– The Wreckoner Battle Axe Skin: An ancient weapon from the Byzantine Empire becomes one of Lara’s most trusted and powerful weapons in melee combat.

– Juggernaut Journal Pages: Includes the rare “Juggernaut” foil card, which gives Lara additional armor with each kill for a limited period of time. This includes four other cards that alter the gameplay experience.

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