‘Star Wars Battlefront’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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Ever since Star Wars Battlefront's E3 2013 unveiling, gamers have patiently awaiting its official arrival. Come November 17, 2015, gamers will finally get to embrace the "force" of such a massive multiplayer shooter. Massive battles will take place on iconic planets such as Endor, plus classic characters such as Luke Skywalker will be able to wield. These amazing in-game screenshots paint a vivd picture of the wars you'll wage on the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire's side. Whether from a 1st or 3rd-person viewpoint, players will undoubtably appreciate the massive warfare seen in Star Wars Battlefront. Check out all the extra info on the game's many modes and extra gameplay features with this preview guide. Get the Standard Edition of Star Wars Battlefront here.