Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of October 2015

Need for Speed No Limits

Welcome to another monthly roundup of worthy Android mobile games. And as always, this list is perfect for those who just want to hit that download button and not worry about any charges later. October 2015 (the spookiest month out of the year) brought Android device users a nice cache of games. We have racers, cartoony sims and even more to tell you about this time around. Without any further ado, here are our picks for the top five best new free Android games of October 2015.

1. Need for Speed No Limits

EA’s Need for Speed series has graced smaller screens before, but it’s never looked this damn pretty. Need for Speed No Limits puts the long running racing series into overdrive with amazing physics, plenty of real-world cars and races that push you to breakneck speeds. Among the line of real vehicles you’ll come to own in this game are the Subaru BRZ, BMW M4, McLaren 650s, Porsche 911 and several more automotive beauties. This mobile racer fulfills its potential as one of the better looking games to grace an Android powered device. NOW GET OUT THERE AND START RACING!

Download it here.

2. Exos Saga

Exos Saga is a grand RPG that’s packed to the brim with meaningful content. This entry on our list exudes a flavor reminiscent of the retro RPG’s from the genre’s heyday back on 16-bit consoles. This beautiful looking specimen features over 150 characters you can recruit to your party, flashy special attacks, strategic elements to wrap your head around and intense PVP encounters. You can travel through all types of locations and tackle arena battles, raid dungeons, daily dungeons and treasure filled islands. This RPG is well worth anyone’s time.

Download it here.

3. Minions Paradise

The lovable yellow mascots from Despicable Me have been in a few games once before. This latest title places them all in a simulation game where you’re given the task of crafting their new home island. Your chosen Minion Phil is put in charge of making your island destination the place to be. Expand your space, pack your island full of all types of vacation themed objects and watch the Minions party. The cute factor is at an all time high within this Minions get together of epic proportions.

Download it here.

4. PAC-MAN Bounce

That familiar chomping yellow dot is back in his latest mobile adventure – PAC-MAN Bounce! Snack Land is ripe with several stages and plenty of collectibles to munch on. In order to bounce good ol’ PAC-MAN around each level, you’ll have to aim him in the right direction so he lands on arrow paths and nabs stars/keys. You’ll have to steer clear of those colored ghosts once again and navigate through 1o delicious worlds. Push and bounce PAC-MAN to glory!

Download it here.

5. Seven Knights

Our final pick is suited to the RPG gamers once gain. Seven Knights ups the ante by giving you over 200 heroes to amass. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know your party as you play through Adventure Mode, Battle Mode, the Celestial Tower, Daily Dungeon and Castle Rush. Ladenberg needs your help more than ever. Align yourself with heroes Evan and Karin as you fight to save the world. After putting several hours into Seven Knights, you’ll come to know the terms “Dynamic Effects” and “Diverse Skill Animations” real well.

Download it here.