‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

If you have a Wii U in your possession, there’s only one game you should be focused on come December 4, 2015. The spiritual successor to the surprise JRPG hit Xenoblade Chronicles will finally be unleashed upon NA, EU and AUS (Nov. 5) territories.

Your customized party member and three additional allies will be tasked with exploring humanity’s new home planet, Mira. It will be up to you to discover the remnants of a fallen American evacuee spaceship and discover every portion of Mira’s varied locations. The scope of your adventuring in Xenoblade Chronicles X may be daunting, but you’ll undoubtably have an incredible time fighting for the last batch of human survivors.

Check up on Wii U’s most anticipated JRPG launch of 2015 with this facts preview guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

1. The Plot Follows The Human Race as They Struggle to Reclaim Their History and Establish Themselves on a New Planet

It’s the year 2054. The space war that erupts between two alien races leads to Earth getting damaged beyond repair. Earth is no longer a viable planet for the humans who reside there. The most powerful political figures on Earth decide to send humanity into space within several interstellar ark spaceships. However, only one of those evacuee spaceships manages to escape Earth’s destruction – the White Whale.

Two years later, the collection of humans that still reside on the White Whale are found and attacked by the Ganglion, who happens to be one of the alien races responsible for the Earth no longer existing. This attack leads to the spaceship crash landing on a planet called Mira. You and the last remnants of humanity must now establish their new home “New Los Angeles” and make good use of everything on Mira. All the while, you’ll have to fend off the Ganglion aliens and learn to live alongside Mira’s other races/wildlife.

You’ll take on the role of a member of humanity’s new task force – B.L.A.D.E. You and three other party members will venture around Mira, fight for the viability of New Los Angeles and locate any leftover stasis pods that still houses passengers from the White Whale.

2. You’ll Have to Decide The Focus of Your Character by Aligning Them to One of Eight Classes

Once you become a full-fledged fighter for B.L.A.D.E., it’s up to you to choose which classy our character will specialize in. Under your chosen role, you’ll be able to attain division points by completing a manner of tasks around Mira. These division points leads to you leveling up your B.L.A.D.E. rank, which then leads to you amassing all types of new loot and more.

Refer to the eight separate character class descriptions below:

Pathfinders: responsible for placing data probes all over Mira in order to expand the scope and reach of B.L.A.D.E.

Mediators: they’re tasked with tending to the many requests of New Los Angeles’ population

Interceptors: they aid the locals of their home city by killing any foes that try to harm them

Outfitters: this class caters to characters who take on the job of crafting new weapons

Harriers: they not only take on any and all enemies in battle, they also have the ability to face the game’s biggest creatures – Tyrants

Prospectors: they go around Mira mining for natural resources and ores

Reclaimers: their main goal involves discovering any lost wreckage from the White Whale

Curators: these characters study the smallest and biggest details of Mira, plus they have to gather the materials tied to them

3. The Battle System is Quite Similar to Xenoblade Chronicles’ Mechanics

If you’re familiar with the MMORPG-style battle system from the original Xenoblade Chronicles, then you’ll have no problem getting used to the one featured in this release. Characters can still move around a huge environment and immediately hop into skirmishes with any enemies wandering around. Special attacks are still referred to as “Arts,” plus your character can choose to switch between close or long-range weaponry at any time.

4. You’ll Be Able to Take Flight and Hop Into Battle With Giant Mech’s Called “Skells”

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the lead up to Xenoblade Chronicles X’s release, then you’ve seen its giant mechs in action. These massive fighting robots are known as “Skells,” which can fly, swim and transform into tanks or motorcycles. Don’t expect to get your hands on your own Skell so soon, though. You won’t be able to obtain a Skell license until Chapter Six. Then you won’t be able to actually obtain one until your character hits Level 20. Once you research the Skell’s flight pack mechanics after Chapter Nine, you’ll finally get to pilot one.

5. The Game Has Two Different Features That Are Implemented For Online Play

You won’t have to go it alone in Xenoblade Chronicles X. You’ll have the ability to bring other party members along with you by recruiting them from the human players who created them. This feature essentially breaks down into renting out NPC warriors and allowing them to fight alongside you in battle. These new party members will primarily be controlled by the AI.

If you’d prefer to cooperate more directly with online players, you can join up with them during squad quests. Player crafted squads are able to hold up to 32 players. Once you discover the one you’d like to join, you’ll be able to take on much more difficult squad quests with three human players. You’ll have some work to do before you’re cleared to enter these quests, though. Squad members (including you) must clear timed squad missions on your way to the next squad quest. Squad members can choose to divide these missions amongst each other and clear them. You’ll be able to aid your fellow squad members by trading loot with any of them.

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