‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

1. Save Your Attacks That Target All Enemies For Your Final Battle

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

• From the very start of the game, you’ll gain a party member who can target more than one enemy with an attack. As you take take on the enemies that face you during Light/Dark side battles, you’ll notice that you’ll compete in a series of fights before you take on the final squadron. It’s in your best interest to save your multi-target attacks for the final encounter within a Light/Dark side battle set. Don’t waste your energy on using your best attacks on the enemies before your last skirmish. Save them for the big boss and his allies so you can quickly wipe them out and possibly stop them from tearing through your party. The last battles you’ll compete tend to feature the strongest characters you’ll ever face. As for characters who have powerful attacks that target one enemy, use those on the strongest ones during any battle.

2. Check in With Your Daily Activities and Achievements

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

• In order to amass as much energy, credits, XP and crystals as possible, make sure you check in with the daily activities you need to complete. These activities tend to focus on you completing a certain number of Light/Dark side battles, training characters, filling character slots, finishing a total number of battles etc. Try to complete every goal thrown your way on a daily basis and you’ll never run low on the game’s most important items. As for Achievements, you should do the same thing. Check back in with them from time to time to see which ones you’ve completed and are close to finishing.

3. Pay Attention to Everyone’s Blue Meter

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

• See that blue meter that rests right underneath everyone’s green health bar? Once it fills up completely, that character will be able to actively participate in battle. So that means you should always keep an eye on your foes’ blue meters. So during battles, keep a close eye on the enemy who’s blue bar is close to filling up all the way. Aim all of your attacks at that target so you can have a chance to down them before they make a move. In some cases at the start of a battle, try to eliminate the strongest enemy who already has their blue meter filled. You should plan out all your attacks based on this battle tactic.

4. The Basics Behind Challenge Mode

• When you eventually unlock Challenge Mode, be ready to take on some enemies that are much MUCH stronger than the ones you’ve faced before. Some of the boss characters that you’ll face can kill your party with little to no effort. For skirmishes such as these, you’ll have to equip party members that can use abilities that brings down the offensive capabilities of your enemies. Characters with debuff abilities are your best bet for Challenge Mode battles. And of course, keep at least one Healer on deck. Do all of this and you’ll be able to conquer anyone you face in Challenge Mode.

5. It’s Pretty Easy to Find The Items You Need

• There’s a ton of items that needs collecting in the game. If you’re running low on one particular item or you’re searching for your 1st piece of something entirely new, there’s an easy way to locate what you need. Simply check out one of your characters, tap onto any one of their inventory slots and click on the Find option. Accomplishing this helps you figure out which missions you’ll need to complete in order to get the items you need. So if your Chewbacca needs a new Mk 1 BlasTech Weapon Mod, chances are the game will point you towards the right Light Battle you’ll need to beat.

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