‘Guardian Stone: Second War’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Guardian Stone: Second War.

1. That Glowing Icon Near Character Portraits is Helpful…

Guardian Stone

• Pay attention to the glowing icon next to your character portrait. That glowing icon indicates that your next attack will do more damage to your chosen target.

2. The Basics Behind Guardians

Guardian Stone

• Guardians are separated into three properties which are: Stellar, Lunar and Solar Guardians. They interact like rock, paper, and scissors: Stellar < Lunar < Solar < Stellar. When in battle, the game makes it easier to decide which Guardian can deal more damage to the monsters with a glowing aura on the type property.

3. So What Do Runes Do?

Guardian Stone

• Think of Runes as equipment for your Guardians. They can make a regular Guardian a lot more powerful and using them wisely will require lots experimentation and knowledge. Like Guardians, Runes possess different grades of rarity and star tiers, which may be upgraded to increase their effectiveness. You’ll certainly want to pair your Guardians with the right Runes.

4. And What Are Guardian Shards?

Guardian Stone

• Guardian Shards (Pieces of the Guardian Stone) are combined to create specific Guardians at the Sanctuary. The Essences are evolution material used for evolving a Guardian. Guardian Shards can be obtained through certain stages of the Story Mode dungeons.

5. How to Get 2-Star Guardians

Guardian Stone

• The fastest way to receive a 2-star Guardian is by completing the trophy reward. Receive three trophies in all of the stages and receive a guaranteed 2-star Guardian which is essential in the early game.

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