‘Hero Forces’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Hero Forces.

1. Equip a Deadly Combo

Hero Forces

• You can equip two weapons for any mission—switch your loadout to complement your team member’s weapon and to be able to take out close and distant enemies and any vehicles associated with the mission. An assault rifle or machine gun and a sniper rifle make a good combo for just about any mission.

2. Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!

Hero Forces

• Once you’ve unlocked a weapon that you like, pour upgrades into it to maximize your firepower. Missions in Campaign mode show you the minimum recommended firepower—use this as a reference to see if you’ve upgraded your weapons enough to take it on.

3. Aim With Care

Hero Forces

• Sometimes it’s best to take an extra second to line up a headshot rather than firing quickly, especially when using a sniper rifle. Line up your shot before you pull the trigger! This will boost your headshot percentage and result in more effective kills.

4. Every Hero Needs a Good Buddy

Hero Forces

• You will quickly unlock various Heroes that can accompany your Captain on his missions. Choose and level up Heroes that complement your preferred play style—if you like to blast away, choose a Hero like Tsuruko who can pick off distant enemies with her sniper rifle. Similarly, if you’re a sniper, consider using Medved (shotgun) or Dolphin (assault rifle) to take care of the up-close enemies.

5. Be a Cheapskate

Hero Forces

Hero Forces is generous with free rewards, gear, and gems. Claim your freebies at daily login with extra rewards for cumulative logins and check back every ten minutes to claim your free gear from the Sweepstakes. You’ll also quickly learn that Hero Forces doesn’t block free players from progressing—keep completing missions and logging in and you’ll accumulate Heroes, weapons, upgrades, Stamina, coins and gems as you keep leveling up.

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