‘Rise & Destroy’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Rise & Destroy.

1. Click Buildings to See Where They’ll Fall

Rise and Destroy

• So you want to just rush in and start destroying stuff, eh? We hear you, but play Rise & Destroy for any length of time and you’ll find it’s all not quite as easy as it seems. If you click on a building before you start a level, you’ll get a handy targeting reticle where you can select the angle you want to attack a building from and how the resulting destruction will interact with the buildings around it.

2. Earn Tons of Coins So You Can Level Up

Rise and Destroy

• The name of the game in Rise & Destroy is leveling your monsters so they hit harder, run faster and last longer. The only way to do that is by spending coins to level them up. You’ll get coins by completing levels, but did you know that every four hours you can come back to claim more coins from the levels you’ve beaten?

3. Use Your Creeplings Wisely

Rise and Destroy

• Once you really start playing the game, you’ll hit a point where your monster gets buddies to help deal with those pesky, overpowered humans. They’re called Creeplings. Just like your monster, these can also be leveled up in your home base and be made even more powerful by collecting or buying blueprints. Either way, when you see a bunch of humans running at you, don’t panic and use all your Creeplings at once. You’ll want to time their use just right. Try to use them sparingly – they do cost gold to replenish after all. You’ll want to save your gold to level up your monsters and SERVOs!

4. Pick The Right Monster & Their Abilities For The Job

Rise and Destroy

• If you look at your monsters’ stats, you’ll see they each have different traits. For instance, Ivan Crushclops can leap to attack over walls and packs a big punch whereas Manny Leggs is all about speed and avoiding damage by burrowing underground, but he can’t burrow under some walls. You’ll get a chance to choose your monster before you start a level, so carefully evaluate what skills you’ll need to succeed. For instance, Manny is awesome if you need to get past a laser deathwall level in a hurry.

5. Look for Hamburger Circles

Rise and Destroy

• Throughout every level, there are strategically placed hamburger stands. You’ll want to find where these are in advance and plan to use them to keep your monster healthy. In fact, some people may miss these buildings all together thinking they aren’t important to step on. Don’t leave your monsters hungry!



Georgina S.

I consider myself to be a bit of an avid mobile gamer – even though I sometimes rely on cheats to get by. Rise & Destroy particularly as I found it a bit difficult. If you’ve just started playing, I’d recommend checking out castlecheats.com/riseanddestroy :) It’s easy to use and navigate around once you get access to it (you have to fill out a survey first). Plus, there are other games too!


I found a cheat for this game here: cheatgeeks.com/riseanddestroy

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