‘XCOM 2’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Aliens have invaded planet Earth. And they’re not on our planet with good intentions. Our 1st line of defense, XCOM, did an admirable job when they tried to erase their presence on Earth. But sadly, they failed.

XCOM 2 gives Earth and its defenders another chance to right their wrongs. Humanity must be saved from the aliens that managed to take full control of the entire planet. It may appear that the alien race has nothing but peace in mind now that they run everything. But the XCOM force knows they have more sinister means in mind for the human race. This PC exclusive will once again offer gamers a high-quality strategy RPG that throws the biggest threats at you and your growing military might.

There’s a new war within the world of XCOM and your Resistance organization is prepared to become the victors of it. Before you head out into the battlefield, check out this extensive preview guide on XCOM 2.

1. The Main Storyline Follows an Outcome Where Earth’s Leaders Have Surrendered to Aliens

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XCOM 2 takes place 20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As we’ve explained before, humanity and its XCOM forces were unable to fend off the alien threat that invaded Earth. Shortly after the alien invasion began, each nation around the world were forced to surrender to their unearthly foes. Once the aliens seized control of Earth and its populace, XCOM faded into the shadows. Some of its members gave up their freedom to live under Earth’s new alien rule, while others chose to keep fighting but also go into hiding.

Under the control of the aliens, Earth has seemingly improved thanks to the advent of safer cities, new metropolitan structures and an overall better way of living. But behind the scenes, the aliens are concocting an even more wicked plan and quieting those who choose not to live under their rule. The new resistance arm of XCOM have chosen to ramp up their efforts to wipe out the aliens and the new administration that partnered alongside them, ADVENT. As XCOM’s Commander, it’s up to you to build your anti-alien forces and get rid of them for good.

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2. Players are Put in Charge of The Resistance; Your Army’s Main Headquarters is Enclosed Within a New Mobile Vehicle

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Now that you’re in the shoes of XCOM’s Commander, you’re put in charge of a group of soldiers sent out in the field to complete a myriad of dangerous missions. Your co-partners come in the form of rogue ADVENT scientist Dr. Richard Tygan, Chief Engineer An-Yi Shen (the daughter of Dr. Raymond Shen) and Central Officer Bradford. Your soldiers and their abilities are tied to several classes – the Psi Operative, Ranger, Grenadier, Sharpshooter and Specialist.

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Your new base of operations goes under the moniker of the Avenger. This new mobile center, which was converted from its earlier form as an alien supply barrage, is where you’ll plan out your future strikes. The Avenger also gives you the ability to upgrade your soldiers, build up new technology and perform a whole other set of goals beneficial to the XCOM movement. The video posted above gives players a closer look into the many activities they’ll accomplish upon the Avenger.

3. Not Only Do You Have to Combat the Alien Threat, You’ll Have to Take on Their Collaborators

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Just like before, you’ll have to move wisely as you seek out your alien adversaries and leave each battle with some of your soldiers still intact. The alien character types you’ll come across includes the Gatekeeper, Sectoid, Viper, Berserker, Muton, Chryssalid, Archon, Faceless and Andromedon. Not only does XCOM have to contend with them, they’ll also have to fight with the organization that acts as their enforcers – ADVENT. ADVENT’s forces includes the Sectopod, Trooper, Officer, Shieldbearer and Stun Lancer.

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4. Pre-Ordering the Game Will Gift Gamers With the “Resistance Warrior Pack”


For those who put down their digital dollars for a copy of XCOM 2, they’ll be awarded with a special bonus called the “Resistance Warrior Pack.” This bonus item gives players immediate access to a familiar survivor from XCOM’s past, who can then be added to your team of freedom fighters. Extra costumes, headgear and facial war paint designs that can be used to customize your soldiers also come with this DLC pack.

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5. The Deluxe Edition of XCOM 2 Comes With Three DLC Packs All in One Bundle


There’s a standard version of XCOM, of course. And as expected, there’s an extra special edition of the game available. The Deluxe Edition of the XCOM 2 comes with a copy of the game, a digital soundtrack and access to a season pass in the form of the “Reinforcement Pack.” The “Reinforcement Pack” gives players access to three separate DLC packs as they release – “Anarchy’s Children,” “Alien Hunters,” and “Shen’s Last Gift.”

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