‘XCOM 2’: The Screenshots You Need to See

XCOM 2 throws its fanbase into a nightmare scenario - the aliens...have won. While these enemies have seemingly changed for the better and helped improve humanity, there are those who know better. The aliens who have taken over Earth are still a threat and their dark plans are much worse than before. This much-anticipated sequel puts you in charge of a new sect of XCOM soldiers who will fight for humanity's freedom. Not only will they have to face the insurmountable threat of alien forces, they also have to combat their mercenary force - ADVENT. These screenshots will give you a visual overview of what your latest mission entails. There's so much more to know about what your resistance army will be encountering in XCOM 2, so check out our newest facts guide for all the extra information you need to know. Buy XCOM 2 here.

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