‘Far Cry Primal’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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Ubisoft Montreal is ready to place players into a time before firearms and automobiles. Far Cry Primal is a huge deviation from past series entries and will now focus on surviving within the Stone Age. The last surviving member of a once powerful tribe (Takkar) must now go out on his own and rebuild himself. Along the way, he'll have to brave the many dangers set within 10,000 BCE, during the beginning of the Mesolithic period. Far Cry fans will have to rely on their stealth mastery, melee tools, animal taming skills and so much more. These beautiful screenshots will give you just a taste of what's to come in a game that revisits Central Europe within the fictional land of Oros. Buy Far Cry Primal here. Buy the Deluxe Edition of Far Cry Primal here. Buy the Digital Apex Edition of Far Cry Primal here. Get even more up to speed on Far Cry Primal's extensive feature set with this preview guide.