‘Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The war continues to rage on. Not between a group of nations who employ the use of military grunts, assassins or spies. Not at all. The battle we’re alluding to is taking place between some plants…and zombies.

You’ll get the chance to participate in that war with Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. For starters, it looks like the undead army claimed victory after the events of the first Garden Warfare. The Zombies used their mastery of advanced weaponry (thanks to Dr. Edgar Zomboss) to take over Suburbia and rename it Zomburbia. The Plants will have none of this, which is why it’s time for a 2nd round of 3rd-person multiplayer shootouts. The upcoming Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is jam packed with plenty of new content to enjoy.

Here’s a preview of everything that’s set to arrive in Plants vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare 2.

1. A New Playable Hub World is Coming – Backyard Battleground

Players who spent a ton of time within the trenches of the first Garden Warfare will be pleased to know that most of its content is coming back for the sequel. Modes such as Team Vanquish and Garden Ops will make their return, plus several returning characters unlocked from beforehand will show up once again. Many of the past characters will arrive with new abilities as well. Zombie lovers will be happy to hear that a variation of Garden Ops (called Graveyard Ops) is playable.

The biggest change coming to this new series is the debut of a new mode called “Backyard Battleground.” Players can explore this new mode’s hub world and complete a bunch of tasks – customizing your characters, hopping into new missions, choosing co-op/multiplayer mode variations, inviting up to three allies for some fun etc. Randomized events take place within this mode from time to time, so you’ll need to keep watch and prevail in King of the Hill-like skirmishes against A.I. enemies. It’s also possible to practice your shot skills with an optional shooting gallery. Players can choose to align themselves with either side and compete in challenges against their friends if they so choose.

2. Six New Playable Characters Will Be Introduced

PvZ: Garden Warfare 2’s lineup of playable characters can be broken down simply – there’s over 100 playable characters that are tied to 14 different classes, plus there’s six brand new personalities to play with and master. Check out the list below to get the names of these new characters and the powerful abilities tied to each one:

Imp and Z-Tech: their abilities include Impkata, the Gravity Grenade, Robo Call, Robo Stomp, Missile Madness and Explosive Escape

Captain Deadbeard: his abilities include Parrot Pal, Barrel Blast and Cannon Rodeo

Super Brainz: his abilities includes the Heroic Kick, Super Ultra Ball and Turbo Twister

Citron: his abilities include Empeach, Citron Mode and Energy Shield

Rose: her abilities include Time Snare, Arcane Enigma and Goatify

Kennel Corn: his abilities includes the Butter Barrage, Husk Hop and Shuck Shot

3. 12 All New Maps Will Make Their Debut

A war this big must take place within a myriad of environments from the past, present and future timeline. With 12 new maps to command and conquer, players will have to memorize each one and make perfect use their dangerous terrain. These 12 new maps include Seeds of Time, Time Park, Z-Tech Factory, Frosty Creek, Moon Base Z, Lunar Landing, Colizeum, Zen Peak, Boney Island, Sandy Sands, the Great White North and Zomburbia. The video posted above will provide you all with a closer look at each new map.

4. Players Who Put in Tons of Time Into the 1st Garden Warfare Will Get Special Rewards

The developers behind this sequel are making sure to honor its loyal player fanbase. Those who dedicated themselves to the first game will receive a nice variety of benefits as thanks. We’ve listed each of the extra items longtime players will be awarded with based on their previous player rank:

Rank 10+: the “Helpful Fun Pack” that comes with five types of items focusing on consumables and customization

Rank 25+: all Rank 10+ rewards and the “Wondrous Pack of Greatness.” This item bundle comes with seven items, which includes a Super Rare item

Rank 50+: all Rank 10+ and Rank 25+ items and the “Phenomenal Character Pack.” This pack will award you with either a Rare or Super Rare character

Rank 100+: all Rank 10+, Rank 25+ and Rank 50+ rewards, plus the “Century Pack.” This pack comes with five Super Rare customization items

Rank 313: players will be granted access to all the the aforementioned item packs and the Legendary Unicorn Chomper

5. The Deluxe Edition of the Game Comes With Bonus Items for Both Plants and Zombies

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

The standard edition of PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 comes with some cool pre-order bonuses. Players will be granted access to the Grass Effect Z7-Mech character variant and the Emoji pack, which comes with 14 character customizations. The Deluxe Edition comes with even more pre-order bonuses. Players will receive a mystery character variant pack, a coins starter pack and two separate custom accessories packs for a plant and zombie class character.

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