‘Hitman’ (2016): The Screenshots You Need to See

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Marking your target. Blending in with the crowd. Keeping tabs on your soon-to-be-eliminated individual. Changing disguises. Choosing your murder weapon. And finally taking down your appointed target. These tasks apply to IO Interactive's well-trained, bald assassin - Agent 47. He's returned to the job that he knows all too well in 2016 with a brand new game. The simply titled Hitman will be presented in a surprising episodic format, which will culminate in a season full of new locales and targets to kill. These screenshots will give you a good idea of what's new to this series and just how much of a professional Agent 47 can be in the right hands. You can get even more info on 2016's Hitman launch with Heavy's latest gaming preview guide. Buy the Full Experience version of Hitman here.