‘Medal Masters’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Medal Masters.

1. Know Your Heroes: Keep Their Class and Action Costs in Mind

Medal Masters

• At a lower level, heroes are given limited team costs to build their team; sometimes it’s hard to organize your team’s power even when you have stronger heroes in your collection. Build your team of heroes based on their attack cost so you can create a strong team even with lower leveled heroes.

2. Don’t Forget to Use Your Option Cards

Medal Masters

• In the PvP mode, heroes are not all equal. Dominate the fight when you’re battling similar heroes with the same level as yours by equipping one of the four option cards: Red, yellow, blue and special cards. Red is for attack, Yellow for defense, Blue for skills, and the Special cards unlock unique skills, which can be equipped in the prism slot. The red, blue and yellow cards can also be equipped in the prism slot for additional effects.

3. Perfect Your Blitz Timing to Grow Stronger

Medal Masters

• Time your hero’s actions by pressing the button at the perfect time to use your Blitz skills to build up your Blitz combo. The more you Blitz, the stronger your skills will be! After two consecutively timed Blitz attacks are made, your hero’s Blitz combo will start. Once you reach five consecutive Blitz’s, your hero’s skills strength doubles. But be sure to calculate the skill turn perfectly, so your strongest hero’s skill can be used during the 5th Blitz.

4. Short or Long Term Hero Training?

• Training your heroes for a short amount of time can give you way more of an efficient level of experience than training them for a longer period of time… but only if you’re consistent with your training while you play! If you’re thinking of taking a nap, then go with the long term training so your heroes will continue training even when you are not playing the game. And, using a buster accelerates your hero training temporarily, making it super helpful when you’re training multiple heroes at the same time.

5. Use the “Leader Buff” on Your Team’s Best Hero

Medal Masters

• Equip your team leader with the “Leader Buff.” Take on difficult stages with the enhanced skills from the Leader Buff to share the boost with your entire hero team. For even more fun, you can also battle with your friend’s team leader on your team as a helper and use their Leader Buff for an additional team boost.