‘Minions Paradise’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Minions Paradise.

1. Get Phil Upgraded Faster and Utilize Those Party Favors

Minions Paradise

• Want to inspire Phil and level up more quickly? Earn Party Points by using the Celebration Station or Distractivities! Do you ever wonder what the Party Favors are for? When you throw a Minions Party, the Minions dancing will be having fun with the Party Favors provided at the Celebration Station.

2. Pay Attention to the Orange Arrows and Clear Out Any Debris on Your Island

Minions Paradise

• When assigning Minions to buildings, use the orange arrows to quickly switch between the different resource buildings or mixing buildings. Is your island still cluttered with trees, rocks and shrubs? Harvesting items increases your chances to receive tools that can be used to clear trees, rocks and shrubs. Remember: Drag the tool to the debris to clear it.

3. Make Sure You Hook up With Your Facebook Friends

• Paradise is always more fun with friends! Visit Stuart’s Stage to connect your game to Facebook. Once connected to Facebook you can find other friends partying in paradise. You can add up to four friends per event! Found your friends? Watch for the “!” at the top of the Social Menu to connect.

4. Here’s How to Net Some More Sand Dollars

• Is your Storage getting full? Social events are a great way to earn some extra Sand Dollars and create more room in your storage building. Waiting until the next Social Event starts to earn some extra Sand Dollars and clear storage space? Sell Items in the Marketplace instead! The Marketplace is located inside the Storage building and can be used to sell goods on the global market.

5. The Best Method Towards Selling Off Items and Cutting the Time it Takes to Produce Party Favors

Minions Paradise

• Are your items in the Marketplace taking a lot of time to sell? Try decreasing the sale price and see if they sell more quickly. Remember, it will take some time to sell any items placed on the market. Looking to decrease the time it takes to harvest or create Party Favors? Try sending your Minions to relax and enjoy the Distractivities you’ve built around the islands. Launching a Party creates a 2x Bonus Speed bonus, so your timer will work in double time.