‘PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour.

1. Line Up More Than Three Pieces of Fruit in a Row

Pac Man Puzzle Tour

• In PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour, you only need to line up three pieces of fruit in the same color to remove them and progress. Try lining up more than three, and watch special new pieces appear on your screen! Create a vertical or horizontal row with four pieces of fruit to get a Line Fruit, arrange five pieces of fruit in a T-shape to get a Bell and line up five pieces of fruit in a row to get a Galaxian. These special pieces will help you out in a number of ways, like removing entire horizontal or vertical rows of fruit in one go, so they’re definitely worth having.

2. Form Combos With Special Pieces

Pac Man Puzzle Tour

• The special pieces that appear when you line up over three pieces of fruit give you spectacular effects when you combine them! Combine two pieces of Line Fruit to remove a whole horizontal or vertical row. Mix a Bell and a Line Fruit to remove pieces from three horizontal or vertical rows. Get two Bells to remove pieces in a 5×5 area. Combine two Galaxians and…well, this one’s a secret! You’ll just have to try it to find out.

3. Play Around With Items

Pac Man Puzzle Tour

• When you’re really struggling to clear a stage, it’s time to pull out some items! The following three items can be used in the game:

– Mini-Pac: Will gobble up one of those troublesome pieces of fruit that are standing in your way
– Warp: Use this to swap any two pieces you choose
– Moves +5: Increases your number of moves by five

Spending Pac Coins is not the only way to get items. You can also pick them up from login bonuses or by viewing advertisements. Try to make the most of them when you’re stuck on a stage.

4. Collect Those Stars

Pac Man Puzzle Tour

• Stars are important, because you’ll need them to progress to the next world. The number of stars you get when you clear a stage will depend on your score. You’ll need a pretty high score in order to get the max number of three stars, and there are two ways to do it. The first way is to clear stages with as many moves left over as possible. For every move you have left at the end of a stage, one of your pieces of fruit will turn into a special piece, giving you a lot of points. The second way is to create as many special pieces as you can while playing. These will automatically boost your score at the end of a stage.

5. Play With Your Facebook Friends

Pac Man Puzzle Tour

• Use PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour to connect with your friends on Facebook. Compete with your pals or give and receive presents like hearts and stars! If you’re running out of hearts or you don’t have enough stars to make it to the next world, reach out for a helping hand from your friends and have loads of fun as you do!