‘Pokken Tournament’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

If you would have told us there’d be a Pokemon fighting game based on Tekken ever releasing, we’d have laughed in your face.

It’s crazy to say this, but the unthinkable has happened. On March 18, 2016, Bandai Namco Entertainment and The Pokemon Company are releasing their joint project. That game is coming in the form of the arena-based fighter known as Pokken Tournament. As a Pokemon trainer, you’ll mentally connect with your chosen Pocket Monster due to the usage of Synergy Stones. It’s up to you to head into the Ferrum Region and rank up through different leagues – the Red, Blue, Green and Chroma leagues.

There’s tons more info regarding this Pokemon fighting game. Stay with us as we count down the most important facts surrounding this unexpected release.

1. The Starting Roster Features 16 Playable Pokemon

Pokken Tournament will let you actively participate in hectic battles as one of 16 different Pokemon. The game’s full roster consists of obvious choices (such as the creature types that are more suited towards the Fighting style) and some oddball yet interesting selections. A few extra characters have been created exclusively for the Wii U version. Refer to the list below to see each and every Pokemon you’ll get to control:

– Blaziken
– Braixen (Wii U Exclusive)
– Chandelure
– Charizard
– Garchomp (Wii U Exclusive)
– Gardevoir
– Gengar
– Lucario
– Machamp
– Mewtwo (Wii U Exclusive)
– Pikachu
– Pikachu Libre
– Sceptile
– Shadow Mewtwo
– Suicune
– Weavile

2. 30 Assist Pokemon Characters Can be Equipped During Every Battle

During the game’s frantic skirmishes, you’ll have the ability to call upon different Pokemon for assists. These partners you can call upon aid you in battle by landing attacks of their own or boosting your Pokemon’s stats. There’s a total of 30 different Pokemon assist characters and they come in groups of two. Refer to the list below to see which Pokemon have made the cut as assists:

– Snivy & Lapras
– Emolga & Fennekin
– Frogadier & Eevee
– Jirachi & Whimsicott
– Mismagius & Ninetales
– Farfetch’d & Electrode
– Togekiss & Rotom
– Dragonite & Victini
– Croagunk & Sylveon
– Pachirisu & Magikarp
– Cubone & Diglett
– Magneton & Quagsire
– Espeon & Umbreon
– Yveltal & Latios
– Reshiram & Cresselia

3. There are Three Main Modes of Play

Pokkén Tournament

Tackling the game’s Ferrum League mode means you’ll fight through different leagues and unlock a variety of new stages and support Pokemon. You can choose to either head into battle as a male or female trainer, then make your way through four different leagues with varying challenges. You can choose to sharpen your fighting skills in the game’s Practice Mode suite. The options offered there includes a Tutorial, Free Training, Action Dojo and the Combo Dojo. And finally, you can challenge players worldwide within the game’s online modes. There’s the option to hop into friendly or ranked matches.

4. The 1st Editions of the Game Will Come With a Special Bonus Item

If you manage to snag yourself one of the game’s earliest copies, you might get lucky enough to also receive a special bonus item. That goodie is an exclusive Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo trading card. Claiming this card and placing it upon your Wii U Gamepad will instantly unlock one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game for your immediate use. Shadow Mewtwo also acts as the main boss you’ll eventually encounter during your playthrough.

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5. A Special Gamepad is Being Released Specifically for the Game

HORI Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Limited Edition Controller for Nintendo Wii U

During Pokken Tournament’s run in Japanese arcades, the arcade cabinet included a special gamepad suited towards its fanbase. Now that the game is finally launching on the Wii U, Hori has opted to port that controller over to various regions. This fight pad’s ergonomic design and simple button layout makes it a key item for hardcore Pokken Tournament players. This wired controller can be trusted to work flawlessly since it’s officially licensed by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Note that this controller will only work with Pokken Tournament and no other Wii U fighters.

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