‘Quantum Break’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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If you fell in love with the masterful gunplay seen in Max Payne and the strong storytelling in Adam Wake, Quantum Break should be on your radar. Time is of the essence due to its unhealthy state. It also happens to an element that plays a huge part in how you'll tackle your enemies. You'll need to stay behind cover, blast all the opposing forces you encounter and use the many time-manipulation powers in your arsenal. Quantum Break isn't just a straight shooter, though. The story will be told through gameplay a series of live-action episodes. This upcoming game looks to strengthen its narrative and add more weight to the tough decisions you'll be forced to make. Check out this screenshots gallery to get a good idea of everything you'll experience in this brand new Xbox One/PC release. If you need even more information on the world of Quantum Break, head on over to this facts guide and learn everything else there is to know about it. Buy Quantum Break here. For a spoiler-free review of Remedy Entertainment's latest foray into 3rd-person shooting, hit up this link.

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