‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ubisoft’s track record has been a bit shaky lately. Gamers haven’t responded so well to new IP’s from the company, such as The Crew and Watch Dogs, but the gaming publisher is set to make a comeback in 2016.

They’ve already released another quality Far Cry release (Far Cry Primal) and are now set to launch an all-new melee focused title known as For Honor. On March 8, 2016, Ubisoft and their Ubisoft Massive development studio are launching another major game – Tom Clancy’s The Division. This 3rd-person shooter will seamlessly incorporate elements of co-op and competitive gunplay. Plus the game will truly make you feel like an evolving soldier due to the cool implementation of RPG mechanics and quest-based gameplay. The Division looks like it may be the next big, open-world multiplayer shooter since Activision’s Destiny.

Strap up, choose your allies wisely and do your best to take back New York and rebuild society within The Division.

1. The Game’s Story Begins After a Debilitating Disease Strikes New York on Black Friday

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The Division’s story takes place mainly within Manhattan. On Black Friday, a smallpox virus is transmitted through shared funds. This epidemic rages out of control by spreading throughout New York City and bringing down its most basic services in just a week. In order to wipe out the many threats brought on by this outbreak and bring stability back to the city, you become part of a new tactical unit created by the U.S. Government. This group is referred to as the “Strategic Homeland Division (SHD)”, better known as “The Division.”

You and your allies will travel throughout Manhattan and confront the dangerous elements that have sprung up in the aftermath of this smallpox outbreak. Those elements include the individuals who released the virus in the first place, “The Rikers” (newly freed criminals from Rikers Island), “Rioters,” “The Cleaners” (former NYC sanitation workers who wish to deal with the disease in their own way) and a rival group (“The Last Man Battalion”) who wants to restore order with more lethal means. Your team won’t be alone on their mission since they’ll receive assistance from the “Joint Task Force (JTF)”, a gathering of former NYC police officers, firefighters, the NY National Guard and other emergency personnel.

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2. The Gameplay Includes Elements of 3rd-Person Shooting and RPG Mechanics

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The Division is being fully powered and pushed to its very limits with Ubisoft’s next-gen “Snowdrop” engine. On the graphical front, the game presents Manhattan and it’s most popular locales perfectly. It’s not unusual to get into an intense firefight right in front of Madison Square Garden while playing this game. As a member of the SHD, you’ll carry out your missions with additional teammates nearby. You’ll need to constantly keep an eye on your allies, stick to cover and take every tactical advantage possible.

Your soldier has the ability to equip up to three weapons, explosive items and acquire new skills such as being able to deploy automated gun turrets. You’ll also have to take the dynamic weather system and day-night cycle into account during your many battles. Your view will be disturbed by the implementation of snowstorms, plus the evening time effects the lethality of your foes. The gunfights themselves are approached from a 3rd-person viewpoint where you’ll have to whittle down the health of your adversaries in an RPG-like manner.

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3. The Major Player vs. Player Component of the Game Comes in the Form of the “Dark Zone”

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One of the game’s more interesting features is the competitive multiplayer mode dubbed “The Dark Zone.” For players who’re ready to risk it all and pick up some high-level weaponry and gear, this is the place to explore. This location remains separated from the main game, so you’ll be introduced to an entirely different progression system. Be warned, though – if you take too many deaths in The Dark Zone, your level and ranking within this mode will decrease.

Players will fight amongst other human players and vie for items known as “contaminated loot.” Once a team acquires it, it’s up to them to safely extract it from the zone via helicopter. What makes this part of The Dark Zone so risky is the fact that players within a team can turn on their own (go rouge). Players will constantly have to keep an eye on their back while they attempt to procure the best items in the game.

4. Three Separate Editions of the Game Comes with Several Bonus Items

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As expected, The Division has been hyped up to be one of the more important game launches of 2016. Which means Ubisoft is going out of its way to mark its arrival with releasing special versions. There will be a normal edition of The Division, but fans looking for a better deal will probably be more inclined to check out the Gold or Collector’s Edition of the game.

The Gold Edition will come with a physical copy of The Division, a DLC pack that features the National Guard gear set and the game’s Season Pass (which grants players future access to the Underground, Survival and Last Stand expansion packs, plus plenty of future content that hasn’t been announced yet). The Collector’s Edition includes everything mentioned in the Gold Edition, but it also comes with a host of bonus physical goodies – replicas of the watch and armband worn by the in-game agents, a poster and a collector’s art book.

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5. A Special Xbox One Bundle That Comes With The Division is Available

The Division Xbox One

Microsoft is doing something very special for future Xbox One console owners. A special console bundle will be released in conjunction with the launch of The Division. This combo deal comes with an Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive, a digital download token for the game itself, a 14-day trial code for Xbox Live Gold, a headset jack for any compatible headset, a newly updated black Xbox One controller, the AC Power Cable and an HDMI Cable.

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