‘Disney Magical Dice’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Disney Magical Dice: Here comes the Disney’s 1st board game!Join Maleficent, Rapunzel, and a cast of Disney Characters on Disney Magical Dice! Embark on an epic adventure! COLLECT cards and ROLL the magical dice to journey across fantasy Disney world! CREATE your avatar and choose from a variety of adorable costumes! This property trading board game will allow you to explore your dream Disney…2016-03-31T07:16:16.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Disney Magical Kingdom.

1. Aim to Get an A+ Card and Make Sure to Participate in the Game’s Check-In Events

Disney Magical Dice

• Fuse two A class cards, and it will surely turn into a more powerful A+. Here’s the best methods towards getting an A class card: login to the game and play every day to get your own A class card. There’s going to be a 7-days check-in event for the game’s launch event. You’ll get a guaranteed costume card pack equal or higher than A class on the second day or premium costume card packs on day four and day six. As for the 28 days check-in event, you’ll be guaranteed a premium costume pack on day seven, a costume pack of A class or higher on day 14 and three costume packs of A+ on day 28.

2. Take Part in Daily Missions

Disney Magical Dice

• Taking part in daily missions will get you premium costume card packs. You can get good cards and get better at the game by just playing regularly each day. Playing in practice mode will gift you with A class packages. The rewards you’ll get for leveling up to level 10 also includes A class packages.

3. So Which Cards are Good?

Disney Magical Dice

• Make sure you check in with the cards in the “Collection” menu. A+ Stitch and Buzz Lightyear actually have the best stats. Here’s another piece of advice: sometimes there are card packs without A+ class cards. In this case, get 2 A class cards and fuse them to make it A+. Check out the classes of the cards in the collection menu.

4. Make Sure You Pick up Better Dice

Disney Magical Dice

• There are a total of eight pairs of dice available. Make sure you aim to get Mickey’s dice. You can obtain the “Mickey Dice” for 170 diamonds. Diamonds can be obtained through check-in missions, magic bean, lucky bonus etc. Having a better pair of dice than your opponent will give you the opportunity to be much stronger. Don’t level up the normal default dice; instead, pick a high stat mouse and focus on leveling up just that pair of dice.

5. Don’t Miss Out on Daily Rewards

Disney Magical Dice

Lucky Bonus: pick once per day and collect lucky points to draw for free. You can collect diamonds, hearts, costume packs and gold on a daily basis. Daily Missions: these missions consist of tasks such as completing four daily missions or just playing in multiplayer mode two times. Play every day or just keep winning, then you’ll get rewards including gold, heart, card, diamonds etc.

6. Connect Your Facebook Account

Disney Magical Dice

• You’ll receive three premium costume card packs by connecting the game to your Facebook account. Plus you’ll also receive diamonds depending on how many friends you invite into the game. All you have to do is login to the game’s Facebook official fan page: https://www.facebook.com/disneymagicaldice, become friends with others who have subscribed to the page and then invite friends through Facebook and turn your actual friends into in-game friends. The more friends you invite into the game, the more hearts you’ll receive. You’ll also get lucky points whenever you send hearts.

7. Board Game Tips #1

Disney Magical Kingdom

• Avoid acquiring buildings during your first round. It’s not a good ROI and you can’t build more buildings during this period. Strategize and acquire places where three buildings have all been built. Don’t hold a festival for better efficiency on your first lap. If everyone is rich with gold, don’t build three buildings.

8. Board Game Tips #2

Disney Magical Dice

• Don’t get caught up with completion rules (triple, line, magic competitions etc.). Be more aggressive when using magic items. These items work better for higher level players. It gives more golds when winning the game. If you want line completions, get magic squares first. Magic squares have more flexibilities in donation and penalty to force to exchange.

9. How to Get More Gold

• Play during the gold hot time event. Once you win during hot time (which opens twice a day), you’ll get double the amount of gold. Play more than three times a day; clearing mission rewards you with gold. You can get get paid for finishing each play. Check-in events: you should log-in to the game at least once a day to nab your check-in bonus. Play in minor or major channels: the higher the channel, the better the reward. 1,000 gold at Rookie, 2,000 gold at Minor and 5,000 gold at Major. Be sure to set up your good cards and dice in advance.

10. The Basics Behind Magic Items

• There are mainly two ways to get magic items. Leveling up costume cards of equal or higher than A class cards and just getting lucky draws for premium magic items. Checking in with your card table shows you what characters can bring you better magic items. Magic items give you benefits such as doubling your salary, doubling the steps taken based on the number of dice at the start etc.

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