‘EvilBane: Rise of Ravens’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens English Gameplay (Dungeon+ Boss Raid) IOS / AndroidEvilBane: Rise of Ravens by Netmarble Games (IOS/Android) Destroy your enemies with the power of the Heavenstone! A new era of hack and slash RPG begins now with EvilBane. Bone-shattering action rendered in console-quality 3D graphics takes place in a massive fantasy world with thousands of loot to be unearthed. Experience the epic role-playing game…2015-10-06T08:32:46.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for EvilBane: Rise of Ravens.

1. EvilBane 101: Level and Grade


• In EvilBane, your heroes’ power is determined by the level and grade of your gear.
Each gear piece (which include weapons, armor, and accessories) is one of six grades, and each grade has a max level.


– Each gear piece can be leveled up to 30. The higher the level, the better its stats.
– For weapons, skill stats will also increase every 10 levels.
– You can level up your gear through the function.


– Each gear piece can be classified into 1 of 6 grades. As a gear’s grade increases, more substats are added.
– For weapons, anywhere from one to four substats can be added, depending on weapon grade.
– You can use Heavenstones to improve the gear to a higher grade through the function.
– You can acquire a random gear of a higher grade by sacrificing two material gear pieces through the function.

2. Level Up Gear Using EXP Orbs


• You can use material gear or EXP Orbs to level up your gear. The maximum level achievable for any gear is 30. As the gear increases in level, its stats will also increase! Don’t forget that you can earn EXP Orbs every day from Matera Temple (Guide 9). For more information on how to level up your gear, use the image and the following directions as a guide.

• Go to the Smithy or your Bag from the main screen and select the gear to be leveled up. Choose the gear to use as upgrade material (up to 10) (1, 2), and you will be able to see the new stats of the gear after leveling up. (3) Tap the “Level Up” button to proceed (note that you will also need to pay a cost in Gold) (4).

3. Need an Upgrade? Collect Heavenstones


• By using Heavenstones on level 30 gear, you can upgrade them to a higher grade. The gear type and Heavenstone type must correspond in order to proceed with the upgrade. Keep in mind that when the gear is upgraded, its level resets to one. Regardless, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to acquire powerful gear! Oh, also keep in mind that Heavenstones are one of the most important items in EvilBane. Once you receive the ultimate Raven gear piece as the 7-day login reward, it is crucial that you upgrade it by using Heavenstones. Not only do you get to keep using your awesome Raven gear, it’ll become even more powerful!

4. Acquire a Higher-Grade Gear Through Combine


• Combine two pieces of max level gear of the same grade and you’ll receive a new gear of the higher grade. What you get is random, but the gear type follows the base gear (i.e. Hellfire Broadsword (base) + War Citadel Sword (material) = random Broadsword). If you have trouble collecting Heavenstones to upgrade your gear, try using the Combine feature to acquire high-grade gear!

5. Higher Level Than 30: Limit Break to Increase Max Level


• Limit breaking requires two pieces of identical gear. When you limit break, the maximum level of the gear increases by two, beyond the normal level 30 cap. Limit breaking can make your gear even more powerful, so don’t forget to limit break them if you have several of the same gear.

6. PvP Mode: How to Earn Large Amounts of Crystal


• Test your limits by entering the Arena against other players! Get rewards every week and all you need to do is enter! Each week you will be ranked and placed in a division based on your performance. Crystals will be rewarded based on your rank. The 1st place player receives 1,000 Crystals! Also, a player who enters the Arena 10 times receives a special reward. You can receive this reward up to 10 times per day, so what are you waiting for? Enter the Arena every day and aim for the lucrative prizes!

7. Clearing Dungeons – Great for Leveling Up Your Gear and Acquiring Rewards


• The shortcut to becoming more powerful is clearing dungeons! You can also acquire material gear and Gold that can be used for leveling up your gear. Keep challenging yourself as the enemies get stronger and stronger as you advance through the higher difficulty dungeons. Acquire Stars by clearing the dungeons within a certain time and acquire great rewards. Try your best to clear the dungeons with three Stars and claim rewards for your hard work.

8. Progress Through the EvilBane Story Through Adventure Mode; Acquire the Best Rewards in the Game


• From Crystals to gear, The most lucrative rewards are given out in this story mode of EvilBane. Immerse yourself in the story complete with voice work. You don’t want to miss out! Jump into this epic tale in Adventure mode. Oh and keep in mind that you can acquire hero EXP as well. Enjoy a great story as you acquire awesome rewards and EXP.

9. Visit the Daily Dungeon and Matera Temple, Where Heavenstones and Gold are Buried


Daily Dungeon: a necessary course in order to be able to upgrade your gear. You can earn Heavenstones, which is one of the most important items in the whole game. Don’t miss this opportunity. The Daily Dungeon is split into three difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. Make sure you enter the one that’s appropriate for your level! Higher difficulty dungeons give you more Heavenstones, so keep upgrading and challenging yourself to become stronger.

Matera Temple: a secret dungeon where you can acquire EXP Orbs and Gold needed to level up your gear. Visit Matera Temple if you want an easy way to level up your gear or need some more Gold. EXP Orbs and Gold are crucial in order to level up your gear. Enter the Matera Temple every day if you want to become stronger faster.

10. Defeat the Raid Bosses and Earn Rewards


• As you play through the dungeons, there is a chance to encounter Raid Bosses. That means, the more time you spend on dungeons, the higher chance of discover a raid. Tired of grinding in the dungeons? Have a go at the Raid Boss and defeat it for a chance to acquire a variety of gear tickets. You can enjoy this mode with up to four players. Keep grinding the dungeons for a chance to experience this fun-filled, reward-filled game mode. Evade the Raid Boss’s skills! Utilize your skills to destroy him! What an awesome and exciting way to get rewards.