‘Hearthstone’ Decks: Celebrate The Expansion With 9 Standard Decks

It's a new day for Hearthstone fans, as The Year of the Kraken has officially begun. Whispers of the Old Gods will introduce over 100 cards into the game, which will now feature a 'Standard' ranked mode. That means that some older cards won't be allowed in official competitive play, making the new cards even more important.

In addition to the arrival of the Old Gods, there have also been some changes to established cards. These were announced last week, and will even further alter the competitive landscape of the game.

Release day should provide players with plenty to do, as Hearthstone is giving away free packs to introduce players to Standard play. When the expansion officially launches, every player who logs in on release day will be given three free packs, as well as the legendary card C'Thun. They will then be given a quest to win two games in Standard mode, with a reward of five packs. After completion, users will be granted a second quest, this time asking players to win seven games in Standard. Completing grants another 5 packs, totaling 13 free packs on release day.

That would normally cost 1300 in-game gold, or around $15. A solid value to celebrate release day, but we're taking it one step further. We've created a standard deck for each hero, so you can jump right in and kick some Old Gods ass. Click to the right to check out the decks, and enjoy the Year of the Kraken!