When is the Nintendo NX Coming Out?

Nintendo NX

Nintendo was up bright and early with a flood of news today (April 27, 2016). A portion of that news regarded the launch of their upcoming console, which is rumored to be a home/mobile hybrid device. The house that consists of Mario, Samus, Link and more gaming icons announced that they plan to release the “NX” sometime around March 2017. One of the first titles confirmed to be on the “NX” is the upcoming Legend of Zelda. It has already been confirmed to simultaneously launch on the NX and Wii U.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

But with all those reveals comes some disappointing news – Nintendo won’t be having much of a strong gaming presence at E3 2016. The only title that will be playable on the show floor is The Legend of Zelda. And sadly, there won’t be any NX updates revealed as well. Their financial earnings have also taken a troubling dip; the company’s overall net profits dropped by 60.6-percent to $148.5 million. The rest of the year’s big releases for the Wii U (Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Paper Mario Color Splash) probably won’t do much to increase Nintendo’s earnings until the NX finally releases.

Fire Emblem Animal Crossing Mobile

When it comes to Nintendo’s mobile gaming initiative, there’s actually some news to be proud of on that front. Their debut app Miitomo has already been downloaded more than 10-million times. To commemorate the social app’s success, Nintendo is planning to hold an in-game event from April 29th through May 8th. Plus two of their bigger franchises (Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing) are now confirmed for future mobile game releases. Nintendo made sure to iterate that there will be some sort of functionality between the Animal Crossing mobile game and the releases for “dedicated gaming systems.”

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