‘Tales of Link’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Tales of Link.

1. Get Your First 5-Star Hero Using the Beginner Summon

Tales of Link

• The “Beginner Summon” (found under the “summon” menu on the bottom navigation) guarantees one 5-star hero and three 4-star heroes the first time you launch it. These heroes will help you defeat the early quests and accumulate more hero stones. You can also get more hero stones from login bonuses. Before you know it, you’ll have enough for a second summon, which still guarantees two 4-star heroes.

2. Join Events to Get Strong Heroes

Tales of Link

• During some events you can get a variety of 4-star heroes. If you obtain multiples of the same hero, you can break their limit. These limit-broken 4-star heroes can be very valuable. At their highest level, some are as strong as a low level 5-star hero. Join all the events to strengthen your party.

3. Take Advantage of Weapon Events to Make Your Hero Stronger

Tales of Link

• There are five types of weapons: slashing, thrusting, shooting, bashing and magic. There are also ten weapon levels ranging from N to UR++. Besides using a gear summon, the best way to obtain ingredients and gears is to join events! The weapons from these events can even be stronger than using a Summon. The UR weapons, for example, can only be gained from these events. So join a Weapon Event now and make your weapons and heroes even stronger.

4. Complete Missions for More 5-Star Heroes

Tales of Link

• You can gradually become stronger by completing daily contracts. You can obtain LP, hero points and stamina gel from the contracts. Try clicking on Lippy on the main page and send him on missions as well! You’ll obtain a variety of items and heroes by completing these missions. The higher the level of the mission, the better the rewards – you may even get 5-star heroes.

5. Deal Higher Damage by Starting With Lower Attacks in Your Link

• Different heroes have different attack multipliers. Therefore, a link starting with the lowest attacks and ending at the highest lets you deal higher damage! Keep in mind that these attack multipliers vary with each hero’s status and ability. With the right combination, your damage can be up to 50,000 times higher.


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