‘Tome of the Sun’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Tome of the Sun – Available April 28th Trailer | NetEase GamesMake the Battleground your Playground. Fast-paced combat, generous rewards, and virtually endless gameplay, Tome of the Sun rewrites the book on adventure! Available on the App Store and Google Play.2016-04-19T20:08:17.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Tome of the Sun.

1. Use Free Summons to Get Powerful Pets and Gear

Tome of the Sun

• Free Summons give you a chance to get powerful pets. In addition, you can receive valuable items such as pet treats, upgrade items and recipes and powerful gear.

2. Complete Daily Activity Rewards to Get Valuable Currency and XP

Tome of the Sun

• If you’ve run out of currency or have hit a wall for upgrading your hero, try completing daily activity rewards to get extra coins, ingots and XP. This will help you make progress in upgrading your hero, pets and gear.

3. Utilize Zodiac to Boost Hero and Pets

Tome of the Sun

• Play King of the Hill PvP to earn Empire Points that are used in the Zodiac. Empire Points are spent inside Zodiac to give extra boosts to your hero and all your pets. You will need to allocate a pet that is not being used in fighting teams to stand post as Soul Guard in Zodiac though and you will get the best boosts by using a Level 30+ Epic Pet.

4. Raid Previous Dungeons to Quickly Gain Rewards and XP

Tome of the Sun

• If you find yourself no longer progressing and stuck on a hard level, don’t forget that you can Raid all previous dungeons you have passed with an S rating or greater. Raiding dungeons is a quick way to gain XP and valuable items and will help you upgrade your heroes, pets and gear faster.

5. Complete Daily Adventures

Tome of the Sun

• As you level up, you will unlock new adventures that can quickly be found through the Nav button on the main screen. These unique dungeon adventures reset daily and are really useful towards increasing the XP of your hero and pet faster, while also letting you load up on valuable upgrade items. As you progress to higher levels, more fun adventures will unlock such as the Darklands and Pirate Ship.

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