‘Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-‘: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

When Guilty Gear made its return to the forefront of the FGC scene, it did so in fine fashion with the release of Xrd -SIGN-.

While that release was great, it was pretty evident that it could be even better. Aksys Games and Arc Systems Works Team Red knew that, which is why they set out to update it in the best ways possible. After spending some time in Japanese arcades and getting fine tuned for consoles, we’re now getting closer to the launch of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-. Balance changes, new roster members (and returning ones!) and more extras are arriving with this substantial update.

We have everything here that you need to know about Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

1. A New Stylish Type Fighting Styles is Being Added

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is making sure newcomers to the series have a mechanic that makes winning easier for them. Not only can beginner players have the opportunity to pull off devastating combos with just one button, they can also utilize other options with the Stylish Type mechanic. This option allows you to pull off special moves and Overdrives with a single button and automatically block attacks from a neutral state. This fighting style comes with a caveat though: Stylish Type enabled characters take 20-percent extra damage. Players who already have some experience with the game can stick to the Technical Type style. You can read up on the rest of this update’s balance changes at the following link.

2. Four Series Veterans are Making Their Return

Four past members of the series roster will make their current-gen return with this update. First up is Jam Kuradoberi, the master chef with extraordinary close-range offensive skills. Jam is one of the characters who’s returning straight from Guilty Gear’s XX installments. Jam has the ability to channel her Ki and make it erupt on her opponents through powerful attacks. You can see her complete moveset in the video posted above.

Another returning member from the XX series is good ol’ Johnny. Johnny is the fearless leader of the Jellyfish Pirates, a group that May is a part of. Johnny utilizes his blade Iaido to slash his opponents from mid-range. Along with his ability to fling coins, he can quickly cancel the recovery of his attacks and use his Mist Finer special to keep his combos going. To get an idea of Johnny’s offense, make sure you check out the video seen above.

One of the more shocking character returns is Raven, a immortal being who was last seen in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Raven can dish out damage from a long distance, plus he can increase the effectiveness of his attacks by filling an additional gauge. This meter gets filled as Raven takes damage during battle. Raven’s one of the free DLC characters that you can add to to your roster from June 7th to June 21st.

The final series veteran who’s going to make their return is Dizzy. Arc System Works added her into the game after she garnered 32,900 votes from a fan poll. Sadly, Bridget and Baiken got a high voter percentage too but they both lost to Dizzy’s huge fanbase.

3. Two Brand New Characters Will Make Their Debut

Two new fighters will make their debut with -REVELATOR-, which brings the total number of added characters to six. The first one that must be mentioned is Jack-O’. This new female member of the roster wears a slick white jumpsuit, tends to wear a pumpkin mask and she happens to be aligned with “That Man.” She’s a very tricky character who can summon her little servants to flood the stage and attack her foes. The developers behind her playstyle based it on the “Real Time Strategy” mechanics featured in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Raven’s mechanics can be viewed in the video above.

And finally, the next new fighter you can now play as is Kum Haehyun. A young woman named Haehyun fights from within an artificial body that appears as an old martial arts master. She has deemed her her outward identity as Jeonryeok Kum. You’ll be able to download her for free alongside Raven from June 7th to June 21st. These two characters and a special costume character pack called the “Eclipse Set.” Check out Kum’s fighting style in the video posted above.

4. The Rest of the Game’s -SIGN- Roster Will be Returning

We’ve already given you an overview of the newest additions to -REVELATOR-. Now we’re going to give you a complete list of everyone that’s coming back from -SIGN- (head to this link to check out the backstory for every character in the game):

– Sol Badguy
– Ky Kiske
– May
– Millia Rage
– Zato-1
– Potemkin
– Chipp Zanuff
– Faust
– Axl Low
– Venom
– Slayer
– I-No
– Bedman
– Ramlethal
– Sin Kiske
– Elphelt
– Leo Whitefang

5. The Game’s Story Mode Will Continue the Events That Began in -SIGN-

Playing through Story Mode with your chosen character will allow you to check out some wonderfully animated cutscenes. This time, you’ll hop right into the action that takes place after the events of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. The game’s official website released an intro to this entry’s plot, which can be read in full detail below:

Mysteries and machinations have come to a head, triggering the latest chapter in the GUILTY GEAR saga. It’s been a week since Ramlethal declared war on all of humanity. Sol and his crew have begun an investigation in order to track down Elphelt, who has been abducted. There is no clue on her whereabouts…

Suddenly, Sol gets an unexpected visit…It’s the very man who created the Gears, Sol’s nemesis, “That Man,” along with one of his lieutenants — Raven. “That Man” seeks help from Sol in order to settle his score with the “Universal Will.”

Who is the “Universal Will?” And who will win in the end…?

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