‘Monster Builder’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Monster Builder.

1. Know Your Counter System (Monster Type Edition)

Monster Builder

• While you can mindlessly push buttons and still win, later stages will become more difficult and require more strategy. To win, players need to learn the rock-paper-scissor-like system of monster types when sending out units as each type will select nearby units it can do the most damage to and start hitting those first. (IE, Beast will attack Humanoids first, Humanoids will attack Dragons first, etc…) Here’s a quick diagram of the monster types and their strengths/weaknesses: Beast > Humanoid > Dragon > Giant > Beast.

2. Know Your Counter System (Elemental Type Edition)

Monster Builder

• Players should keep monster and elemental types (Water > Fire > Plant > Water) in mind as using the right elements can provide a damage boost. By focusing on monster and elemental types when making teams, players can deal more damage. But we found that the monster type counter is more important than the elemental counter, so if you can’t outfit your team perfectly, match the monster type counter first, then the elemental counter. There is also the Neutral element that is neither strong nor weak to other elements. This is helpful in PvP as it comes in handy with limited information on the opponent’s team build.

3. Know Your Counter System (Hero Monsters Edition)

Monster Builder

• Unlike Normal Monsters that stay true to the type counter system, Hero Monsters are more of a mutation and loosely follow the typing. While their skills are strong, there are hero units with skills that can render your hero useless. One example is a Dragon that turns invisible and can’t be targeted, though other heroes can detect these hidden units.

4. Make Friends

Monster Builder

• Players will realize that they need monsters of all varieties and elements, especially in later stages. This is where their friends come in as players choose helpers before each stage and make friends after completion. By choosing the right monster from your friends, players can seriously alter the outcome of a battle. They can also help their friends’ research for new powerful star monsters by cutting one hour of research time per friend.

5. Make a Best Friend

Monster Builder

• While players can have friends cut research time by three hours max, ain’t nobody got time for that! If you have a Best Friend in Monster Builder, you can shorten that research time by two hours per BF. How do you get a BF? Easy! Search for your friend’s ID and add them manually. The game will think you two are friends in real life and categorize you as Pals. You’ll need to make a friend first though. Or install it on your mom’s phone at least.