‘One Piece: Burning Blood’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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Bandai Namco Entertainment clearly knows what it's doing when it comes to games based on popular manga/anime. They've already published a line of great titles based on the worlds of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Digimon and more. One Piece is another one of those properties that have been fully realized in some quality fighters and beat 'em ups. Spike Chunsoft, the devs behind J-Stars Victory VS+, are preparing to take all those pirates and naval warriors into a brand new fighter called One Piece: Burning Blood. If you'd like to see just how visually pleasing and close to the source material this game is, feel free to check out all the screenshots we have gathered. There's tons more information on this upcoming anime fighter right here. Buy One Piece: Burning Blood here. Buy the Digital Deluxe Edition of One Piece: Burning Blood here. Buy the Marineford Edition of One Piece: Burning Blood here. Buy the Wanted DLC Pack for One Piece: Burning Blood here.

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“The game is jam packed with a few roster members that utilize the powers given to them from Devil Fruit. ”