‘Overwatch’ Is Out, But When Will We See Sombra?

Gamers are never satisfied.

Even with the imminent release of Blizzard’s first new IP in 18 years, fans of Overwatch are already looking ahead to the game’s future. One part of that future could include Sombra, a character that hasn’t been officially revealed but has been alluded to and hinted at several times.

For the most comprehensive theory on Sombra, this NEOGAF thread has it pretty well-covered. Fans also speculated that Sombra could feature in the most recent Overwatch animated short, “Hero”, but that story focused on established character Soldier:76.

Sombra didn’t make an appearance in “Hero”, but she could still have some relevance to the story. Sombra is the Spanish word for “Shadow”, and the latest short takes place in Mexico. Blizzard has also released lore that is based in Mexico, involving a newly constructed nuclear power plant and a reference to an event called “La Medianoche.”

While the hype around Sombra was building, the expectations from fans puzzled some folks at Blizzard. Senior gameplay designer Michael Chu called the Sobra speculation “weird”, while a European PR manager dismissed the French poster hype as something that was “lost in translation.”

Rest assured, we are definitely getting new heroes. The only issue is when. Check out this tweet from the Overwatch official Twitter: