‘Heroes’ Will’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Heroes' Will

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Heroes’ Will.

1. Understand Game Story and Each Hero’s Story to Empathize with the Game and Heroes

Heroes Will

Heroes’ Will is a mobile game with interesting storylines. All the characters inside the game also have their own life stories which will draw even more of the players’ interest and attention. You will get to understand the stories of the game itself and its characters as you play the normal stages as well as by reading the descriptions in the Hero information section. By understanding all the stories behind the game, you will be able to empathize with the characters and have more fun with Heroes’ Will.

2. Make Sure You Complete the Daily Quests

Heroes Will

• Once you complete your Daily Quests, you’ll be able to enjoy most of the content in Heroes’ Will. There is a variety of interesting content within the game for you to enjoy. Also, the EXP and other rewards you earn once you complete each Daily Quest will help you boost your Team Level.

3. Know Which Stage or Dungeon Drops Which Items

Heroes Will

• Each stage or dungeon drops different items. You should know which stage or dungeon drops which items. This will help you collect the necessary items you need to strengthen each Hero.

4. Make Sure You Make Improvements on Your Heroes Whenever Possible

Heroes Will

• Pay attention to when any of your Heroes have all their equipment slots filled. You’ll see that you have an opportunity to promote and improve your hero to raise their stats. Also, Heroes’ Will sometimes earn a new skill at a certain Upgrade Level.

5. Use Your Heroes’ Active Skills at the Right Moment

Heroes Will

• When your hero is ready to use his/her own active skill, choose the right time to use it. For a wide-damage skill, make sure you can damage your enemies as much as possible. Using a wide-damage skill to kill just one enemy is considered wasteful. It’s much more efficient to use a single-targeted skill on an enemy with full energy, rather than use it on the ones with barely any energy left.