‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’: When Will the New CoroCoro Information Leak?

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UPDATE 6/10/16 @ 10:25 EDT: Click here to see the leaks.

Japanese monthly manga magazine CoroCoro (“KoroKoro”) is set to release new information today, June 10. Will it be new Pokemon or evolutions for the recently revealed Pokemon Sun & Moon starters? Right now it’s unclear, as some online speculation also suggests that it may just be upcoming info about the new Pokemon movie Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna.

Whatever the case, CoroCoro usually leaks around the fifteenth of the month, so having a release on June 10 is unusual. And being that CorcoCoro is a Japanese-based company that is 13-hours ahead, it will actually be released there on June 11. Pokemon news normally breaks around 8 am Japan Standard Time (JST), which means we should expect CoroCoro to leak early this evening United States EDT.

However, because of the proximity this leak is to E3, fans aren’t expecting much information.

Whatever the case, check back here for when the leaks become available to view them.