‘Overwatch’ Update: Torbjorn Nerf on Console Will Happen

Does Torbjorn Need Nerfs? (Overwatch)Could Torbjorn be up for nerfs on consoles? Console aiming: reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4oqr5f/since_were_talking_torb_and_console_changes_can/ twitter.com/ForceStrategy twitch.tv/ForceStrategyGaming Footage captured on my Doghouse PC: doghousesystems.com/ Use code Force for a free SSD2016-06-20T02:48:27.000Z

Overwatch has done a great job communicating to it’s millions of users in it’s opening month, keeping them informed about what’s to come in the game’s near future.

One of those things is finding competitive balance, as characters get nerfed and buffed accordingly. PC users experienced their first round of nerfs last week, when Widowmaker and McCree each had damage reductions.

But in the Overwatch community, there is concern over Blizzard’s attention to the needs of console players. Xbox One and PS4 users won’t be able to use the Public Test Region, and will likely receive updates later than their PC compatriots.

Some of those fears were quelled on saturday, when Jeff Kaplan took to Reddit to comment on a post about Torbjorn’s effect on the game.

Kaplan stated that the turret will receive a 30% damage nerf on console only, in a patch set for release later in the summer. The damage output will be unchanged on PC.

Torbjorn’s primary function is creating a sentry turret, one capable of dealing damage fast and accurately. Players have struggled to compete with Torbjorn, as his turret’s fire rate, accuracy and range seem unfair to console players.

As Kaplan continues to keep the community updated and informed, it’ll be interesting to see how that community responds if deadlines are not met.

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