‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Leaks: CoroCoro Reveals 2 New ‘Pokemon’

CoroCoro has released pictures of two new Pokemon, one dog-like Pokemon called "Iwanko" and a koala Pokemon named "Nekkoala." Click on to see the scans of the leak and to find out information like abilities and types.

Above is the new koala Pokemon. Serebii is confirming that Nekkoala is a Normal-type Pokemon with a new ability called "Definite Sleep." According to Serebii founder Joe Merrick, Definite Sleep makes it so the koala Pokemon can "can only be put to Sleep. It can't be Burned, Paralysed or Poisoned." Redditor WatashinoTurn31 adds: "Nekkoala (Japanese name)... Its name is probably a combination of nemuru (to fall asleep) or neru (to sleep) and koala." (Twitter / @azumarugao_kame)




Nekkoala looks like it may be using the tree trunk as a bongo gimmick. Also, it has been stated in the leak that Iwanko and the three starters share a secret of some sort. My guess is that this is linked to the new bracelet and possibly even Greninja’s “Trainer Evolution”.

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